Joseph Ray
Software Engineer - Tech Lead

.Net Software engineer (10 yrs) with sales and business operations experience (4 yrs). Have global experience working with Chinese manufacturing partners, LG and Sony engineers. Experienced in embedded software, middleware and backend development.

Strong technical background - theoretical mathematics, research, and computer science. Always interested in opportunities to grow, tackle difficult challenges and improve.

Personable and easy to get along with. Creative interests include writing and programming. Main professional interest is in software development - "Building everyday software to make life easier"

Plays piano (poorly) and has written a short novel. Self motivated and directed. Enjoys travel, history, and music.

DTS Solution (Azure)

Digital Timesheeting Solution

FastTrack Payroll Integration

Removal of large chunk of custom codebase to vendorise contract management in large part of ecosystem.

Project and Server Uplift
Uplift of all codebases and cataloguing them into various project kinds. Migrating all code to use Azure DevOps, standardising DB solutions, Planning for how to pay down all tech debt to get to modern codebase
MaxMini Removal and DMZ Protection

Removal of DMZ and refactoring to microservice architecture - Technology leap from .Net Framework to .Net 6. Uplift of Microservice architecture to .Net 6. Porting of key libraries to .Net Standard

Data Remediation

Involves PII discovery and deletion across our ecosystem. Refactor plans for Document storage, integration with Purview, protection using Barracuda WAF and Illumio microsegmentation

Ouija Board

Redback's premier system control board. Is responsible for simultaneous control multiple systems from multiple vendors. Presents a stable API for Redback's web and app solution.

Installed across Australia/NZ

Redback Repository

Redback's back-end repository and data access layer is the code that supported their entire web project that serviced all of Redback's distributed network. Using EF6 and Linq

University Portfolio

A collection of projects done in my university years. Includes a microcontroller rally game, an awesome blog and some videos of a robot I programmed.

Workforce Analytics

A web application that allows a tier 1 company to track and monitor the qualifications of its labor force

University of Queensland
B.IT. Computer Science 2016
B.S. Hons(I) Mathematics 2009
Australian National University
PhD Mathematics (Fully Nonlinear Diff. Equations) 2014
Not Complete
Clairvaux Mackillop Highschool
Front-end Development (familiar)
Angular / typescript
Back-end Development
MSSQL Server
Entity Framework 6
EF Core
Sales and Interpersonal
Client Facing
Sales Team Management
Investor relations
Visual Studio
.Net 4.8
.Net Core +
Joseph Ray
Software Engineer - Tech Lead
Workpac Group
Fortitude Valley
Senior Engineer / Tech Lead
July 2020 to Current

Focus on system and solution uplift. Tech debt and security remediation.


- Removed Windows 2008 from DMZ network

- Refactored major application to Microservice architecture

- Implemented Gateways and third party API solutions for external integrations

- Implemented digital timesheeting solution

- Reduced traffic throughput by 70% (SQL improvements)

- Upgraded and standardised code solutions - .Net FW 4.8 and .Net 6

- Upgraded Angular solutions

- Assist with Azure B2C and Multifac secure login

- Assist with EDMX removal and upgrade

- Database deployment improvements


- Grew team from 4 engineers to 8

- Mentoring and development of 2 engineers to senior staff members

- Training and cross skilling platforms

- Monthly development meetings to knowledge share and grow professionally

- Timeline and plan for major software projects and refactors

- Kept business up to speed with developments and improvements in software

- Unified the vision between engineering and the business

Workpac Group
Fortitude Valley
Software Engineer
July 2017 to July 2020

Over three years as a middleware software engineer.

- Lead on projects involving payroll system

- Cataloguing and improving on-prem solutions

- Implemented DSO and Payment process improvements - BTR

- Integration work with T1 solution

- Implement Digital Timesheeting workflow

- Implemented FastTrack deep integration - PIE

- Worked as Breakfix engineer in L3+ support requests, multiple P1s and fires extinguished

- Experience gained in

  - .Net Core

  - Razor Technologies

  - WPF

  - WCF

  - Angular

  - VB6

Redback Technologies
Software Engineer
Nov. 2015 to Current

Year 2 : 

- Became scrum master for control board/hardware team and met vendor requirements and investor satisfaction

- Met key deliverables for LG BMS compliance

- Supported rewrite of web application back end to meet strict EA requirements in portal

- Increased exposure to Redback's internet stack (ASP.Net, EF, MVC)

- Continuously delivered and maintained control board software

Year 1 :

Lead developer on Redback's next gen control board

- Enabled Redback to secure Series A financing from major energy Distributor 

- Took control board from idea to released product

- Currently installed across Australia

- Implemented workflow improvement scripts in powershell

Tech used : 

C#, C++/CX, Entity Framework 6, ASP.Net MVC, .NetCore, Visual Studio, TFS, UWP Framework, Node