Georgia Liu
Fine Arts
Pencil Drawing
Ink Drawing
Acrylic Painting
Gouache and Watercolor Painting
Digital Art
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Indesign
Clip Studio Paint
Live2D Cubism
Intermediate Chinese
Intermediate German
Intermediate Japanese
Microsoft Office
MS Word
MS Powerpoint
MS Excel
Brown University
Sept. 2019 to Current
Bachelor's Degree East Asian Studies 2023
MassDigi Summer Innovation Program
Worcester, Massachussets
Lead 2D Artist
May 2021 to Aug. 2021

Collaborated with a group of 7 members to produce Clock Out!!, an arcade-style fighting game.

Determined art direction for 2D assets and produced concepts art, sprites, and illustrations.

Created documentation for future artists working on the game to ensure a consistent art style.

Art Instructor
Oct. 2020 to May 2021

Instructed students in basic drawing skills to build a solid drawing foundation.

Encouraged students to explore a variety of artistic mediums.

Helped foster the students' creative thinking processes. 

Sharron Art Center
South Brunswick, New Jersey
Art Instructor
Mar. 2019 to Aug. 2019

Taught college-bound high school students essential drafting and painting skills. 

Developed teaching methods specific to each student.

Freelance Artist
June 2018 to Current

Work with clients to produce custom commissioned artwork.

Clock Out!!
May 2021 to Current

Designed concepts for player and enemy characters.

Produced 2D character and prop sprites that were ready for animation.

Created illustrations for in-game use and promotional purposes.

Beekeeper's Bout
Aug. 2018 to Current

Personal visual development project about a world where bees are the source of magic.

Designed characters, settings, and props.

BRGD Dream Suite
Fall 2020

Created concept art for the sheep and fake sheep in Poof the Floof.

Collaborated with team members to determine final art direction.

Produced sheep assets and animations to fit with the rapid-fire pace of the game.

Flavor Knight
Spring 2020

A delicious dungeon-crawler, featuring elements from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Overcooked, made with Brown-RISD Game Developers in Spring 2020.

Designed the player character and enemies.

Created player character assets and animations.

May 2019 to June 2019

Determined art direction and created assets for a 2D platformer game made with Godot.

Designed and released game on independent game publishing site.

Brown-RISD Game Developers · Executive board member; Artist

Collaborate with a team of 10-13 people to produce a game each semester.

Work with artists to create assets and determine art direction.

Manage overall functions of the club with other E-board members.

Brown Esports · Official Artist

Work with executive board to present the club professionally.

Create graphics and designs for banners, posters, and apparel.