Alexandra Fox
Data Scientist
PAX Labs Inc.Data Scientist
SF Bay Area
Apr. 2019 - Current

  • Proposed, architected, developed and launched ahead-of-schedule a B2B analytics product that repaired relationships with key partners providing 25% of the business's revenue annually
  • Developed custom Airflow operators to support migration of Jupyter Notebook based ETL and the processing/transfer of data between distinct databases, sources, SQL dialects, implementing version control within the data stack
  • Used AWS services (S3, Athena, Redshift, Aurora, ECS, EC2, Celery, etc) to create an improved data storage model and infrastructure
  • Organized and facilitated in-house training on dashboarding and ad-hoc analysis tools, enabling widespread adoption of self-serve analytics tools within the company
  • Facilitated transition of analytics stack to open source in-house solution Superset from Looker, involving thousands of charts and the development of hundreds of new data sources, reducing overall spend by six figures
  • Created large-scale distributed web scrapers with Python and PySpark to collect information enabling sales team to strategically target emerging markets
  • Supported in house toxicological research - second author in a study submitted to the FDA evaluating biocompatibility and exposure factors
  • Informal Acting Data Team Lead following delayed position backfill - led data product roadmap proposals, definition, scoping and viability exercises as the most senior Data Scientist on staff
  • Performed Principal Component Analysis, linear regression and utilized clustering techniques to determine viability of product proposals, exploratory research

  • Served on internal Employee Recognition awards committee

MetisData Scientist
San Francisco, CA
Jan. 2019 - May 2019

  • Assisted Senior Data Scientists in teaching software development in Python, statistical and mathematical concepts to future Data Scientists
  • Supported students in learning cleaning, modeling/validation, and visualization phases of project presentation
  • Conducted in depth analyses of complex datasets to provide actionable business insights, accompanying detailed visualizations
  • Utilized regression, classification and natural language processing techniques alongside development of custom ensemble models, neural net architecture and hypothesis tests
  • Developed interactive apps and dashboards to facilitate understanding of results and analyses

ClozeSupport Engineering Manager
Boston, MA
July 2015 - Dec. 2018

Cloze is a SaaS, integrated personal contact management system (CRM). I represented all tiers of Cloze’s customer service within our small team of 6, working closely with the CEO, CMO, CTO and development team to identify and prioritize new feature development, improvements and bug fixes based on user feedback.

  • Performed early stage research/data collection for user and product insights regarding app's NLP and assistance pop-up recommendations, leading to lower overall ticket load
  • Created custom internal dashboards for user reporting utilizing REST APIs, resulting in decreased ticket response times and increased customer satisfaction
  • Researched, developed and transitioned team to an internal issue tracking system using Github, leading to fewer misplaced tickets and more efficient advertising, support, and development workflows for the entire team
  • Interviewed candidates for and assisted in building customer support team from the ground up
  • Managed and conducted customer support team utilizing email, live chat and company social media accounts, including remotely, for an international audience in multiple languages
  • Developed and organized internal and customer-facing training resources and instructions, further reducing daily incoming ticket rates to aid sustainable growth in company

PlymptonJunior Software Developer
Boston, MA
Nov. 2014 - Feb. 2016

Plympton is a publishing startup. Worked closely with the CEO and CTO on development projects, and ran day-to-day operations for two applications often including bug fixing and server infrastructure. Represented Plympton at conferences such as SXSW and industry events.

  • Software development (Python) and server infrastructure (Linux)
  • Represented Plympton professionally at conferences
  • Designed and implemented ticketing system and optimized content delivery platform for improved customer service.

GitenburgProduction Manager
Boston, MA
Feb. 2015 - Aug. 2015

Gitenberg is a grant-funded project to curate digital books. Position included software development in Python. Curated and formatted digital books using a variety of tools including BeautifulSoup and Regex, as well as documented and wrote technical tutorials for their open source volunteer community.

  • Represented Gitenberg professionally at conferences
  • Software development (Python, shell)
  • Created documentation and tutorials for book editing/publishing

Technical Skills: Python, SQL, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, Modeling, AWS, Data Analysis, REST APIs, PySpark