Alexandra Fox
Data Scientist
MetisData Scientist
San Francisco, CA
Jan. 2019 - Current

  • Metis is a highly selective Data Science/Machine Learning immersive program. Conducted in depth analyses of complex datasets to provide actionable business insights, accompanying detailed visualizations. 
  • Utilized regression, classification and natural language processing techniques alongside development of custom ensembled models, neural net architecture and hypothesis tests.

ClozeSupport Engineering Manager
Boston, MA
July 2015 - Dec. 2018

Cloze is a SaaS personal contact management system (CRM). I represented all tiers of Cloze’s customer service, working closely with the CEO, CMO, CTO and development team to identify and prioritize new feature development, improvements and bug fixes based on user feedback. 

  • Developed and organized internal and customer-facing training resources and instructions
  • Collaborated on early stage data collection for user and product research for app's NLP recommendations
  • Researched, developed and transitioned team to an internal issue tracking system using Github
  • Created custom internal dashboard for user reporting utilizing REST APIs
  • Assisted in interviewing and building customer support team from the ground up
  • Managed and conducted customer support team utilizing email, live chat and company social media accounts

PlymptonJunior Software Developer
Boston, MA
Nov. 2014 - Feb. 2016

Plympton is a publishing startup. Worked closely with the CEO and CTO on development projects, and ran day-to-day operations for two applications often including bug fixing and server infrastructure. Represented Plympton at conferences such as SXSW and industry events.

  • Software development (Python) and server infrastructure (Linux)
  • Represented Plympton professionally at conferences
  • Designed and implemented ticketing system and optimized content delivery platform for improved customer service.

GitenburgProduction Manager
Boston, MA
Feb. 2015 - Aug. 2015

Gitenberg is a grant-funded project to curate digital books. Position included software development in Python. Curated and formatted digital books using a variety of tools including BeautifulSoup and Regex, as well as documented and wrote technical tutorials for their open source volunteer community.

  • Represented Gitenberg professionally at conferences
  • Software development (Python, shell)
  • Created documentation and tutorials for book editing/publishing

Technical Skills: Python, Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Data Pre-processing, Data Visualization, Statistics, Modeling, Data Wrangling, Debugging, AWS, NoSQL, REST APIs, CSS, HTML, Javascript, MySQL, Keras, Tensorflow, Spark, Hadoop
Data Projects
Github Project Recommendation System

Developing a custom Python repository recommender based on similar users' interests.

Robot Frost

Developed 5 independently trained RNNs that produce epigrams in the style of different literary figures: Robert Frost, Oscar Wilde, T.S. Eliot, Rupi Kaur and William Shakespeare.

Coffee Quality Grader Grading

Classified imported QIA quality graded coffee beans by their country of origin. in order to dig into Q-graders' grading consistency as a scientific process.

Predicting Hit Singles

Utilized the million song dataset to try to predict placement (or non placement) within the Billboard Top 100 ratings.

Autodidact. On a never-ending pursuit for better understanding and increasingly useful skills for the sheer joy of learning.