William Winberg
Software Developer
Apr. 2023 to Current
Web Application Developer

Visualize, design, and develop seamless web app solutions leveraging Laravel, Vue, or whatever suits my client's needs

    • Consult clients on frontend Vue architecture and development of seamless single-page applications

    • Built an e-commerce platform for a small business which allowed them to move away from clunky subscription service

    • Built a CMS platform for a local gym to reduce logistical work and streamline communication/upselling with their clients

Nov. 2020 to Mar. 2023
Frontend Engineer
Worked across a myriad of technologies in a self-driven manner as the sole frontend developer on a largely backend-focused team

    • Developed a custom UI library to streamline the UI development flow and eliminated costly UI update requests

    • Rebuilt the entire Vue client into well defined, documented and tested modules, upgrading to Vue 3 and Composition API

    • Put into place an extensive style/contribution guide to ensure clean code of which benefits compound into the future

    • Built a CMS marketing site to remove the need of engineers in the content development flow, cutting turnaround time by 90% 

    • Employed Cypress into the continuous integration cycle which increased e2e test coverage from 0 to to 87% (UI library 100%)

Dec. 2019 to Nov. 2020
Software Developer

Worked with Vue, Laravel, and SQL across the full development lifecycle to bring the MVP web app to market

    • Took lead of the Vue frontend within 2 months of being hired

    • Implemented support for 5 additional crypto exchanges resulting in a 60% increase in user onboarding completion

    • Developed a user analytics and bug tracking system which increased user retention by 28%

    • Implemented a style guide/linter to ensure clean code and eliminated cumbersome merge conflicts

    • Developed a new-user walkthrough which resulted in a 3x increase in users completing account setup requirements

Go Green Enterprises
Mar. 2019 to Feb. 2020
Software Developer
Cedar City, UT
Worked with a large Laravel codebase consisting of several polymorphic modules which powered multiple e-commerce web apps

    • built a free shipping with minimum order feature which raised average order margin by 12% and “featured item” sales by 33%

    • Integrated SMS notifications for customers to track their shipments which decreased support requests by 35%

    • Developed a “persisted shopping cart” feature to be used across applications, resulting in a 20% increase in cart retention

    • Built a task app which streamlined engineer/non-technical staff communication, eliminating lengthy requirement gathering

Streamvisor | Vue, Pinia, Vuetify
May 2023 to Sept. 2023

A Pulsar management solution that helps businesses capture, observe, administer, and secure data. The platform enables administrators to gain insight into event-driven architecture, explore live data, monitor key metrics, and access multiple environments. I built the SAP client from scratch.

HyperBld (WIP) | Vue, Vuetify, Laravel, SQL
Apr. 2023 to Current

An app for creating and tracking balanced workout regimens for hypertrophy and/or strength training. Users enter their fitness goals and the app creates a weekly routine which will work toward their goals as well as ensure balance across all muscle groups. This is a passion project of mine that I'm currently building. 

Gogrello | Vue/Nuxt, Vuetify/Material UI, Node/Express
June 2019 to Nov. 2020

A beautiful task management app. Think Trello but with a UI personalized to developers, and non-tech teams can add and/or assign tasks without having their personal board.

Languages: JavaScript, TypeScript, PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS
Frameworks & Libraries: Vue, Node, Pinia, Vuex, Nuxt, Laravel, React, Express, Vuetify, Tailwind, Sass, ESLint, i18n
Tools: Vite, Webpack, Git, Kubernetes, Docker
Testing: Cypress, Vtest, PHPUnit