Jibran Kalia
Senior Software Engineer
ZipRecruiterSenior Software Engineer
July 2022 - Current

  • Primary backend developer for the ZipIntro product. This product matches jobseekers and employers in a live interview setting. ZipIntro is compromised of several apps written in Typescript, Ruby, React, Go and Perl.
  • Developed the SMS feature for ZipIntro surpassing our OKR for adoption and no-show rates.
  • Launched the Employer Bridge app, aiding in the migration away from the monolith.
  • Addressed and resolved an ElasticSearch outage and contributed to the knowledge transfer.
  • Led the redesign and release of the Candidate page, resulting in a user adoption increase from under 10% to above 20% for the Stages feature.
  • Rewrote the my-jobs page in React and Go decreasing initial page load times from 1.57 seconds to 552ms.

Software Engineer III
Mar. 2021 - July 2022

  • Led PriceIncrease 168, projecting a revenue increase of several million dollars.

  • Implemented the "Training Provided" project, projecting over $1 million in first-year revenue.

  • Developed a tool for automated cookie reviews, saving significant time across teams.

PrimeTrustSenior Software Engineer
Mar. 2020 - Feb. 2021

  • Leading the creation of our white-label Debit Card issuance product.

  • Built an error handling system that allows us to define and raise errors with static codes that also seamlessly integrates with our API documentation generation code.
  • Built a proof of concept using the Karate test automation tool to bolster our existing integration tests.
  • Promoted to Senior Software Engineer on November 2020.

ScalefactorSoftware Engineer
Apr. 2018 - Feb. 2020

  • Part of a small team of engineers that developed Scalefactor Charge Card in 9 months using Ruby on Rails, Redis and Sidekiq. 

  • Designed and implemented major portions of the data architecture for the lending product in Postgres.
  • Built a major portion of the front-end application for the lending product using Ember Js, JavaScript (ES6) and SCSS.
  • Worked on the Ruby gem that interacts with the Galileo Lending API.
  • Implemented the front-end and most of the back-end for the Gusto integration.
  • Created and managed the onboarding flow for new developers.
  • Worked with AWS technologies including S3, Lambda, EC2, Elastic BeanStalk, ECS and Lex.

Bouquet AISoftware Developer Intern
San Francisco, CA
Oct. 2017 - Mar. 2018

  • Coordinated the migration of the existing codebase from Javascript to Typescript.
  • Worked extensively in NodeJS (ES6), EJS, HTML, CSS, Hight Charts
  • Persisted conversation flow data on MongoDB.

42 Silicon Valley
2017 - 2017
Computer Science school with a peer-to-peer, project-based educational model.
The University of Texas at Arlington
2013 - 2015
Bachelor of Science in University Studies 2015
TypeScript, Ruby on Rails, Postgres, Go