Derrick Mei
Software Developer
Sept. 2018 to Oct. 2018

Developed an application in a 4 person team in the span of one month

Falcano is a flight Logging app designed to log  and display your flight hours to graduate flight school successfully.

  • Tech Stack: React, Django, PostgreSQL, Stripe
  • Contributions: Implemented Stripe to gate premium features, debugged front-end to aggregate flight hours, CSS
  • Website:
Mean Mean Coffee Bean
Apr. 2019 to May 2019

Developed a mock ecommerce site to sell coffee beans in 2 weeks in a 2 person team

  • Tech Stack: React, Axios, Java, Spring, Maven, MySQL, Bcrypt,  and CSS.
  • Contributions: Implemented Java backend, added OAuth2 encryption as well as Bcrypt to store hashed passwords, added security features to gate users from only being able to change their own data.  Deployed server to Heroku.
  • Website:
  • Github:

Programming Languages: Javascript, Java, Python, HTML, C
Frameworks/Libraries: React, jQuery, Node.js, Express, Django, Bootstrap, Redux, Spring Boot, Hibernate
Tools: Git, LESS, CORS, JWT, Restful API's, JEST, Stripe, Sendgrid
Database: MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite
Software: VS Code, IntelliJ, Git Bash, Postman, MongoDB Compass
Languages: Cantonese Chinese, Mandarin Chinese, English
China Bistro
Algonquin, IL
Assistant Manager
Feb. 2006 to Current
Chicago, IL
Shift Supervisor
July 2008 to July 2018

  • Led a team of 15 baristas daily to operate the shop and distribute workloads which resulted in increased job efficiency and productivity
  • Made schematics for efficient ordering leading to decreased milk and food waste
  • Implemented routine training for all baristas to be self sufficient which led to a 40% increase in sales YoY while maintaining labor and material costs

  • Launched high visibility stores and led basset training for wine sales


As a Software Developer, I enjoy applying my skills and knowledge of Full-Stack Web Development and Computer Science to build aesthetic and dynamic user interfaces that enhance productivity and provide a better online presence for companies.

Lambda School
Apr. 2018 to Current
Full Stack Engineering 2019
Develop web applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, React, Redux, Node, Express, MongoDB, Django, RESTful APIs, Bcrypt, and JWT.
Implement responsive user interface components using React, HTML, CSS, React-Strap, Material-UI, and Styled-Components
Utilize agile software development and Git work-flow for all code challenges and sprint projects
Optimize code using popular data structures and algorithms to meet time and space complexity requirements.
University of Illinois
Aug. 2006 to May 2011
B.A. Biology 2011
Minor in Economics
Award: Magna Cum Laude