Ben Iremonger
Software Engineer

Creative self-starter with demonstrated ability to learn new skills and technologies quickly and efficiently. Transitioned from a mathematics background to building full-fledged 3D graphics renderers, neural network modules, and database management systems within months of studying at 42 Silicon Valley and while maintaining the top position in my cohort. Since then, I've experienced success in a team-based collaborative environment as a software engineering intern at a leading cybersecurity company.

42 Silicon Valley
Computer Science (Top 3% student) 2017
University of California, Berkeley
B.A. Mathematics and Philosophy (GPA 3.81) 2010
The City College of New York
M.A. Secondary Mathematics Education (GPA 4.00) 2014
IrdetoSoftware Engineering Intern
Los Angeles, CA
01/2018 - 03/2018

  • Worked on a team to boost a web crawler's ability to discover and remove thousands of illegally hosted digital assets daily.
  • Improved outdated code by finding and fixing errors, updating with new features, and standardizing coding style.
  • Wrote automation scripts to make testing and QA processes more uniform and efficient.

Math for AmericaMathematics Teacher
Brooklyn, NY
08/2013 - 11/2015

  • A founding faculty member of an experimental math- and science-themed school. 
  • Established efficient communication channels across the Math, Grade, Special Ed, and Administrative teams.
  • Boosted student results from 22% to 78% through design and implementation of a custom curriculum.
MathnasiumManager / Lead Instructor
San Ramon, CA
01/2011 - 01/2013

  • Managed the daily operations of a learning center with more than 80 students.
  • Communicated with both students and parents to develop personalized goals and lesson plans. 

C, C#, Python, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, SQL, Machine Learning, Git, HTML, CSS, jQuery, React, Object-Oriented Programming, Mathematics
Selected Projects
Ray Tracer (C) - A full-featured 3D graphics renderer

Implemented using a bare-bones library built on OpenGL, I created a custom Linear Algebra module to efficiently trace rays of light as they recursively reflect and refract through a scene of virtual objects and light sources. Multithreading and adaptive supersampling techniques were used to improve render time and to eliminate aliasing.

GoL Neural Network (Python) - A neural network to predict the past

Took an object-oriented approach to implement a neural network module without use of external libraries. Fine-tuned and trained networks using grid search and stochastic gradient descent algorithms to accurately predict prior board states in Conway's Game of Life.

Dingo (Python / React / Cordova) - A mobile app for dog bingo

A Python/Flask back-end uses PostgreSQL to connect users in games of dog bingo. A bingo card of dog breeds is filled in as users snap photos of dogs whose breeds are validated by my breed recognition neural network. React is utilized to create high-performant dynamic interfaces, and the use of Cordova allows for cross-platform support.

Wolf3D (C) - A first-person perspective game engine

Designed and implemented a Wolfenstein3D engine using principles of efficient calculating and image rendering. The engine uses a raycasting algorithm to transform files consisting of simple integer grids into 2.5D worlds that can be explored using keyboard events.

Squig (Javascript / HTML / CSS) - "Get yo squig on"

A fully customizable random squiggly line generator built entirely from simple jQuery animations and using an ES6 object oriented approach. My cats love it.

Ft_Database (C) - A command line Database Management System

Worked collaboratively to design and build a command line based database management system with a custom query language and parser. Gained experience using git in a group setting.