Programming: PHP, Java, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, HTML, XML, YAML, JSON, Java for Android
Frameworks & Tools: phpMyAdmin, Apache Maven, NGINX (+vhosting), Apache HTTP Server, CentOS Server, Ubuntu Server, LEMP Stack, React, Express.js, Laravel, MongoDB/NoSQL, Linux, REST
Workplace Skills: Public speaking, Working in teams, Customer requirement satisfaction
Community Video Game Network
Network Analyst/Head Feature Developer · 
July 2015 to Oct. 2018
Sacramento, California

On-call server administrator and game feature developer for a community network of servers. Managed creation and updating of several in-game features. Utilized VPS with LEMP stack and CentOS 7 dedicated server with Spigot server framework, running Java plugins with JSON, XML, and YML data storage. Assisted in management of XenForo forum, setting up plugins and implementing new features as requested. Designed a scalable data storage system, storing over 32,000 individual user records across multiple unique servers. Records were made accessible via an authenticated RESTful API developed using PHP.

Oct. 2020 to Current

An in-development productivity application, aiming to provide shareable checklists with structured goals and configurable reminders. Built with a back-end running on Node, Express, and MongoDB, implementing Passport and a custom OAuth system. It communicates with the front-end via a token-authenticated RESTful API. The front-end is developed with React and Material-UI. Responsible for complete project.
Feb. 2017 to Current

An open-source link shortening service using multiple technologies. The back-end features PHP, MySQL, Bash, and cron scripts for maintenance and updating. The front-end is constructed with mostly native CSS and JavaScript, with some features handled by jQuery. There is also a fully-featured RESTful API to create links, resolve link locations, and display analytics information for links. Responsible for complete project.

June 2020 to Current

An Android application designed for concrete lab technicians, initially developed in 5 days. Responsible for all Java development and XML design, working with a client to turn their art and mock-ups into a fully-fledged app. Continuously updated and maintained, with a redesign in the works.

Ordinance Removal
Jan. 2021 to Jan. 2021

An open-source Minesweeper clone featuring a fully responsive React UI and a secure back-end. Board data is handled via a PHP back-end, preventing data leakage and cheating, and is interacted with via a JSON API. The front-end uses CSS grid layouts to fit any screens of any resolution, with a responsive design for all page elements. The gameplay is handled via fetch requests and propagated by state changes.

Ghidotti Early College High School Video News Bulletin · Co-Director/Co-Founder
Aug. 2017 to June 2018

Helped direct, film, and edit news videos for a school-wide bulletin, tracking events, accomplishments, and announcements. Was responsible for putting out a weekly episode, on a 5-day time frame.

William & Marian Ghidotti Early College High School · 
Aug. 2014 to June 2018
California State University Long Beach · 
Aug. 2018 to Current
B.S. Computer Science 2022