Nick Cronquist
Software Engineer
FlatfileStaff Software Engineer
June 2023 - Current

Designed, developed, and maintained APIs for Flatfile's data file exchange platform. Built system for tracking event status in a distributed system. Improved logging and observability with standardized, computer parseable logging format. Lead our internal DevOps Guild, including managing weekly collaboration sessions to plan improvements for developer experience and system reliability. 

OliveSenior Software Engineer
July 2021 - May 2023

Developed on Olive's Assures product, an incubation project to accelerate healthcare provider payments process, built as an event driven architecture. Worked on the Orchestration service, a platform for scheduling and management of robotic process automations (RPAs), built as a mix of REST APIs, state machines, and server agents. Investigated and proposed S3 storage change that reduced S3 monthly storage costs by 40%. Created CI and repository templates used across the company that improved project quality and reduced friction for developers. Played an instrumental role in standardizing Terraform usage and deployment patterns company-wide. Provided thorough and timely code reviews to keep code quality high and unblock other developers. Mentored junior developers.

SAP ConcurSoftware Design Engineer / Senior Developer
Bellevue, WA
Aug. 2015 - Sept. 2019, Jan. 2021 - July 2021

Worked on multiple teams designing and building highly available distributed systems with end-to-end ownership of services. Projects focused on moving Concur from a monolithic architecture to a service oriented architecture. Built CLIs, and REST and GraphQL APIs. Promoted automation of tests, builds, and deployments on all projects to increase velocity and improve confidence in changes. Automated deployments that reduced developer deployment time by 75% and increased deployment frequency from once every couple of weeks to multiple times per week. Mentored junior developers and conducted technical hiring interviews.

BlackstonePlatform Engineer
New York, NY
Sept. 2019 - Jan. 2021

Deployed, integrated, and managed services with an emphasis on automation and security as a part of building Blackstone's cloud platform. Helped to define and promote best practices around Terraform usage and CI/CD. Led the deployment of Terraform Enterprise and helped to implement per Terraform workspace AWS auth. Maintained and managed the existing Jenkins service.

Fast EnterprisesImplementation Consultant
Baton Rouge, LA; Vientiane, Laos
Jan. 2011 - Dec. 2014

Led teams in design, configuration and implementation of Fast's custom tax software for government agencies (Gentax). Developed and maintained several data warehouse entities. Produced data cubes, reports, and ad hoc queries to help the government agencies retrieve useful information from their data. Oversaw the design and development of the Laos e-services taxpayer website. Designed and implemented processes for taxpayers to register vehicles and to securely upload attachments to client servers. Performed data migration from legacy systems to Gentax.

Programming Languages: JavaScript (Node.js), TypeScript, Terraform, Golang, Experience with Bash, Elixir, Python, Ruby
Database Tools: Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL (RDS/Aurora), Microsoft SQL Server, DynamoDB, Redis
Other Technologies and Skills: IaC, Serverless Architecture, REST, GraphQL, Docker, Continuous Integration and Delivery, (GitLab CI/CD, Jenkins, GitHub Actions), Ansible
General Assembly
Web Development Immersive 2015
University of North Dakota
Bachelor of Business Administration Information Systems 2010
PursuitMock Technical Interviewer
Feb. 2020 - Feb. 2022
New York, NY

Conducted mock technical interviews for Pursuit fellows to help them prepare for their job searches. Pursuit is a social impact organization that trains adults with the most need and potential to gain their first tech jobs.