Clinton Tak

Lifelong tinkerer: from radios to computers to software systems, I've probably broken it to find out how it works at least once

Boston College Language Learning Lab
Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts
Jan 2017 to Current

• Research and design novel methods to use neural networks for Native Language Inference and Natural Language Processing in Tensor Flow

• Analyze and process large amounts of linguistic data with Python to develop machine learning systems

• Complete basic data normalization and feature engineering with Pandas and Scikit-Learn

• Document work precisely, stay up-to-date on current research and technology, and regularly update and present my work

Liberty Mutual Insurance Group
Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Global Information Security Intern
Jun 2017 to Aug 2017

• Facilitated migration of critical security infrastructure to Amazon Web Services

• Implemented cyber security protocols for business operations with Java and Ruby, did log analysis with Splunk

• Led planning meetings, worked with teams to create deliverables

• Learned about Agile programming methodology, worked as scrum master

Bentley Systems Incorporated
Carlsbad, California
Software Development Intern
May 2016 to Aug 2016, May 2015 to Aug 2015

• Worked on a project to store structural model information in SQL databases

• Participated in and advised design meetings for the project

• Created numerical models for structural data analysis in Python and Excel

• Wrote internal documentation for code and presented work at meetings

• Worked with a team to update over 30,000 lines of code to patch security vulnerabilities in C++

Boston College Technology Help Desk
Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts
Student Technician
Sep 2014 to May 2016

• Fixed technical problems for students and faculty at Boston College

• Simplified complicated concepts to explain to students and faculty with limited technical knowledge

• Educated students about safe computing practices

• Completed paperwork, attended training sessions to stay current on best practices

WebGazer Calibration
Aug 2017 to Current

I am currently working on a calibration system for distributed experiments using WebGazer, a web camera based eye tracking system developed at Brown University built entirely in JavaScript. My work is focused on creating a usable package for JS Psych to allow researchers to do eye tracking based experiments remotely with a high degree of accuracy. 

Jan 2017 to May 2017

Native Language Inference is a subset of linguistics that attempts to use either written or spoken data from a person in a language to figure out what their native language is. This can be useful for authorship identification, identifying transfer affects from native languages, and criminology. With NLIzer I gathered data from the CAES exam, which is a test for fluency in Spanish for non native speakers. Then I used TensorFlow, SKlearn, and Pandas to create a neural network that would predict users native language with results in the 65% range for accuracy. 

What's Happening
Apr 2016 to May 2016

What's Happening is a website that I worked on with 2 classmates to scrape data about events that are happening at our university from an RSS feed and display it in a user friendly way. Users can make accounts and post their events as well. Languages involved were HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and SQL. I worked specifically in the data-scraping and display side in PHP, in addition to writing the SQL queries to store data. Our project won the Boston College Web design competition that year. 

Boston College · Best Website
May 2016

Had the best designed website voted on by a panel of judges on UX, functionality, and design. 

CA Grocers Association · CA Grocers Association Scholarship

Award for continued academic success in high school and college.

Charity: Water · Executive Board Member · Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts
Jan 2016 to Current

We host events to raise money for wells in areas of the world currently affected by the water crises, primarily Africa and the middle east. 

Freshman League at Boston College · Captain · Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts
Jan 2017 to Current

Serve as a mentor for incoming students at Boston College to teach them about different opportunities in Boston and on campus, meet once a week for discussions on masculinity, culture, and personal growth and development, and organize outings. 

Board of European Students In Technology · Regional Delegate · Uppsala, Sweden
Oct 2016 to Jan 2017

Traveled to Poland for our regional meeting to advocate for our chapter of the Board of European Students In Technology, vote on regional policy, learn about different initiatives being undertaken by the organization, and meet with members from across Europe. I also helped to organize outreach events for the club and recruit for classes being offered in science and engineering. 

Boston College
Bachelors Computer Science 2018
Uppsala University
Study Abroad
Programming: Python, Java, C++, C, JavaScript, CSS, SQL
Languages: English, Native Speaker, German, Beginner