David Chavez
Software Engineer

Full-Stack Developer with a strong background in mathematics, statistics, and computer science.

Ruby on Rails
React Native
Engine Yard
The Dream Junction
Santa Ana, CA
Software Engineer
May 2018 - Current

● Implemented a full-stack solution into an existing inventory process utilizing a React Native app with a Rails API

  ○ Engineered real-time tracking of stock levels, consequently lowering resource allocation in management and ordering

  ○ Leveraged QR barcode labels in optimizing employees’ workflow; speeding up picking process by over 100%

  ○ Created transparency for retrieving, tracking, and replenishing stock

  ○ Improved employee onboarding process, requiring minimal training or prior industry knowledge

● Lead engineer on a Quality Control and Assurance project

  ○ Resolved production bottleneck in pairing and collecting multi-item orders prior to shipping

  ○ Used Rails API and React Native for front-end to dynamically find pairing locations for large orders

  ○ Created a system to allow managers to easily track large orders, reducing lost orders and scrap cost

● Designed, developed, and maintained Ruby on Rails software to handle thousands of daily direct-to-garment orders

  ○ Integrated and consumed proprietary and third-party REST APIs to create, track, and update orders

  ○ Automated daily ordering system for thousands of garments per vendor optimizing daily purchases upwards of $100K worth of inventory

  ○ Incorporated testing with RSpec into a legacy codebase, easing the transition from Rails 4 to Rails 5

Sun City Palm Desert Community Association

• Designed the methodology for surveying 9,000 households in Sun City Palm Desert Community, which cut costs by more than 50%

• Performed data cleaning and exploration with R for statistical analysis and created intuitive visualizations and summaries

Choco Chomp

• Launched iOS application with text extension based upon game theory

• Featured at the Association for Women in Math at the National Math Festival in Washington, DC

University of California, Berkeley
June 2015
Bachelors of Arts Statistics
College of the Desert
Dec. 2017
Associates of Science Computer Science
Jan. 2018
Full-Stack Web Development