Edcast Inc · Mountain View
Software Engineer Intern - 
June 2016 - August 2016

  • Redesigned/Redeveloped Post SmartBite Feature from scratch
  • Wrote a Web Scraper for links that parsed metadata 
  • Developed a Notification Dashboard through which admins can send push notifications using PubNub 

Udemy · San Jose
Udemy Instructor - 
January 2015 - Current

  • Currently teaching more than 130,000 students worldwide programming · 10 courses that include Python, Swift and Django
  • Recorded more than 300 hours of videos · 5000+ 5-Star Reviews
  • Created The Codex - Marketing Website and a Youtube Channel with 5000+ subscribers
  • Generated $20,000+ in income 

WAG Mobile Inc · San Jose
Software Developer - 
May 2013 - March 2015

  • Developed iPhone/Android applications through Ionic Framework
  • Reworked app with new UI + Additional features
  • Wrote Python scripts to parse data off the web through BeautifulSoup

NWHacks · Best Microsoft Hack / Most Popular
January 2018

Created Talky, which won Top 30, Best Microsoft Hack and Most Popular Hack at NWHacks - Western Canada's largest hackathon

BaseHacks · 1st Place Overall
April 2017

Won 1st Place Overall at BaseHacks for 60Seconds - iOS App that journals your day through a phone call

SCVSEFA · Synopsys Science Fair Winner
April 2017

Won $1000 Grand Prize from Morgan Lewis and Honorable Mention for MedicAI

Blue Ocean Entrepreneurship Competition · 3rd Place Overall
March 2017

Pitched Guru in front of  Silicon Valley executives and won 3rd place for outstanding display of Ocean Strategy and viability of proposal

HSHacks III · Best iOS App
March 2017

Created TripGuru, which was awarded Best iOS App @ HSHacks III · 1000 participants in Bay Area's biggest hackathon 

PennApps XV · Top 10 / Best Educational Hack
January 2017

Created Guru, which was awarded Best Education Hack and Top 10 @ PennApps XV · 1500 participants in Nation's biggest hackathon

SMHacks · Best Android App
January 2017

Won Best Android App at SMHacks for PinPoint - 300+ Participants

MenloHacks · 2nd Place Overall / Best use of AWS
April 2016

Won 2nd Place Overall, and best AWS integration at MenloHacks for CodeCollab · Received $200 and a 1TB HD having 200+ hackers

DECA Entrepreneurship Event · 2nd Place Overall
March 2016

Wrote 30-page comprehensive business plan and pitched Crimson in front of VC judges · Won 2nd Place and a $600 scholarship

Golden Desert Las Vegas · 3rd Place Overall
April 2016

Won 3rd Place in Impromptu Speaking at national-level tournament 

Proficient: Swift/iOS Development, Python, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Django, Parse, FireBase, GitHub, Xcode, MatPlotLib, BeautifulSoup, Ionic
Familiar: C# (Unity), Java, C/C++, ReactJS, Flask, Objective-C, AngularJS
Talky (NWHacks)

*Won Best Microsoft Hack, Top 30, Popular Vote

  • Developed iOS App to help people become better public speakers
  • Recorded speech audio through Message-like UI
  • Utilized Flask backend to analyze audio for key speech features
  • Developed a Community to share speeches and get feedback


*Synopsys Science Fair Winner 17'
  • Messaging Service for diagnosis of various medical problems
  • Utilized Machine Learning for Image Analysis through SVM
  • Integrated custom Natural Language Processing of texts

Guru (PennApps XV)

*Won Top 10 @ PennApps, Best Educational Hack, $1000 Grant from 1517

  • Developed iOS App for getting help from any Guru in the World
  • Utilized live video technology for streaming through Twilio 
  • Integrated OneSignal push notifications to notify Guru
  • Developed a collaborative whiteboard in-call to draw and explain on
PinPoint (SMHacks)

*Won Best Android App 
  • Developed App to find most efficient route to get groceries in a store
  • Created our own mock bitmap and converted it to a 2D array
  • Utilized TSP and A* algorithms to find the fastest path possible
CodeCollab (MenloHacks)

*Won 2nd Place Overall, Best Use of AWS

  • Team Collaboration App for ideas at Hackathons
  • Used Google App Engine Server to parse MLH website
  • Utilized Firebase · Integrated Apple Maps + Geolocation
Crimson - iPhone App + Website

*Synopsys Science Fair 16'  Winner
  • Reads out Online Content from various sources for the Blind
  • Integrated OpenEars + IBM Bluemix for Voice Control and Text-To-Speech
  • Used Parse as backend for storing Users' articles

PunchIt (Yelp Hackathon)

  • Loyalty System App · Integrated Yelp API for local restaurants
  • Used QR Code Creation and Scanning to add/redeem points
  • Linked Firebase backend with Merchant data and User information
Lynbrook High School, San Jose, CA
Expected Graduation: June 2018 | GPA - 4.0
Clubs: DECA, Speech and Debate, Web Dev, Mobile Dev