Zachary Mallicoat
iOS Developer

Competitive developer/gamer/drummer who loves computers and good music. I've been around computers my whole life and have always wanted to build useful programs that make peoples lives better.

Colorado State University - Pueblo
Information Tech
I stayed at CSU-P for 1 year out of high school, after which I realized I wanted to focus on mostly doing development in addition to IT. I learned how to manage big companies back ends and safe practices as a professional in IT.
Departed CSU for an iOS Developer position at Suited Connector.
Lighthouse Labs
iOS Cohort March 2015
An intensive C and Objective-C programming bootcamp which kickstarted my ability to create functional iOS apps for business or pleasure. I learned more in the 2 1/2 months at lighthouse than I have learned in my entire life about how computers work, and specifically how to use high level libraries to create beautiful and functional iOS apps.
Suited ConnectorJunior Dev
Denver, CO
Sep 2014 - Jan 2015

Suited Connector is a Mortgage Lead Firm with an office in Denver, I was hired on as a Junior Dev which I stopped school at CSU for.

I joined Suited Connector when it was 3 or 4 employees, and it has now grown to over 40 employees.

At Suited Connector in the early years, I helped create applications and games with tools provided, main focus was SEO and modifying purchased source code. I left to start preparing for my 2 month long Lighthouse Labs bootcamp.

Suited ConnectorDeveloper
Denver, CO
May 2015 - Current

After getting back from my bootcamp, we launched a new strategy for iOS apps with myself as the sole developer for the mobile apps. These apps were more advanced and included custom functionality to mold to what the business needed to monetize its users and content.

I led development on various apps that helped users track down what home/car/life/etc insurance options were available to them and an easy flow to get them from step 1 to a finalized estimate with a loan officer.

iOS Development: Objective-C, Ideation, Working With Libraries, Understanding Other Peoples Code, Swift, REST API's
Fundamentals: C, HTML, CSS
Music: Drumset, Reading Music, Misc. Percussion
Basic Computer Skills: 100% Accuracy WPM - 128, Photoshop, Office Suite/iWork, Troubleshooting
Computer Hardware: Building Custom PC's, Repairing PC's
Netflix Bot

A small tool I made that queries netflix every 24 hours and sees what the newest Instant Watch titles are. The script then tweets the titles out to the @netflix_bot twitter account. It has almost 7,000 followers at the time of writing this and has been retweeted by many celebrities when their special/show becomes available.

W8 App

(Open Sourced) - An app for restaurants to use at the host/hostess stand, rather than taking down names with a pen and paper and having everyone stand around in the small cramped space infront of the restaurant, I created an app that the hostess can use to take down their name and phone number, and then their table is ready notify them by text message automatically through the Twilio API. Once they come to the restaurant and sit down, they can check them in and go to the bottom of the list. 


(Sold on App Store then Open Sourced) - As a competitive gamer, I wanted a way for people to create and manage double elimination brackets easier and with a friendlier UI than what on a mobile device offered, so I started drawing up a native mobile interface. Production has started on this app and I am aiming for a late May release.

Suited Connector App Suite

While working at Suited Connector, I was the sole developer on 4 major releases, and various other projects that never released. These apps used advanced API's to track user data and monetize users, while also showing them relevant information regarding the industry the app was made for. Loan.Info showed users 10 different views depending on what kind of loan they were interested in, including a calculator that would adopt itself to the category of loan the user was interested in searching for, and only showing blog posts based on the users interest. DPA Search is a tool to let users find all the Down Payment Assistance programs in their area, while also providing relevant information on the other aspects of Suited Connector. 

Highlands Ranch High SchoolWebmaster
Aug 2010 - May 2011

Volunteered to keep the high schools web page current and continually design new front pages for events while I was in high school. In this position I mostly dealt with executing design and getting core functionality built into the website that allowed teachers to edit their own sections of the website, for instance I would get a drawing of how the band director wanted the band website to look, build it, and make it easily editable so he could add in his own information at will.