Isaac Friedman

I’m a software engineer turned non-profit administrator/Jack of All Trades. My current title of Director of Operations actually involves everything from administering our CRM to fundraising to renovating our building. I’m currently working on modernizing my tech stack taking a Udacity Nanodegree in full full stack Engineering.


I graduated from Brooklyn College in 2013 with a degree in Computer Science. While in college, I made some money on the side providing tech support and basic computer-use lessons on a freelance basis. I got my first job at Millward Brown as a developer writing primarily in PHP. I did not know PHP before starting the job, and interviewed in Perl. While there, I picked up PHP and the other technologies they used quickly. I discovered that my two biggest assets on a dev team are my ability to "fail fast" in order to learn a new system quickly, and the fact that I actually like maintaining code. Some of my favorite challenges have involved taking old software and evolving it along with the problems it is needed to solve.

Soft Skills:

- Autodidactic.

- Speaks both machine and human.

- Actually enjoys maintaining code.

Isaac Friedman Consulting LLC

In April 2018, I started Isaac Friedman Consulting LLC to continue my Software Engineer Contract work.

I'm currently an independent contractor with a wide-ranging practice focusing on web development. My clients have included nonprofits like the National Coalition for Shelter, and Cue College. Some projects I’ve worked on include:

• Custom API integrations in Python: Written two scripts to allow different eCommerce platforms to serve as course catalogs for Canvas LMS; the script for Shopify is already on my github. The scripts are written in Python but I’ve learned just enough Ruby to work with Shopify as well.

• Joomla! – I maintain a Joomla! website which included custom modifications to templates in PHP for the photo gallery and blog tools

• Wordpress sites for nonprofit with backend – I’ve built and/or maintained several WordPress sites, including developing themes.

• Custom website maintenance – Hotfixes and updates in HTML/CSS for sites that have not yet switched to more modern platforms

• One on One Office IT lessons – Some of my clients have been using computers for years without being truly comfortable with them. I have a successful track record of helping people become more proficient at the computing tasks they do every day as well as writing clear instructions from technical documentation to illustrated guides to Microsoft Word’s formatting tools.

Some websites I have managed, developed, or worked on include: (as a subcontractor) (as a subcontractor) (as a subcontractor)

Millinery Center Synagogue
1025 6th Avenue New York, NY
Director of Operations
Jan. 2017 to Current

MCS is a small synagogue in midtown Manhattan with a lean staff passionate about bringing it into the 21st century. That makes me a very broad generalist with duties including:

* Running network cable

* Hiring day laborers

* Fundraising

* Supervising renovations

* Making purchasing recommendations

* Participating in the renovations themselves

* Website Development

* General IT

* Wearing a second hat as the Assistant Rabbi (conducting services, teaching classes, one-on-one mentoring, etc.)

Millward Brown Digital (WPP)
New York, NY
Software Developer
Oct. 2013 to Dec. 2016

At Millward Brown, I was on the team that developed all products including my niche – the internal company software suite. My stack was PHP, JavaScript, Apache, Ubuntu, PL/SQL. Some of my work included:

• Modernized and sped up the project management workflow.

• Responsible for all of my projects from requirements-gathering sessions with executives to “in the wild testing” with the employees who used them.

• Was responsible for development of new utilities from start to finish, requirements gathering to final tests.

• Created tables and wrote procedures for a 4 node Oracle cluster.

• Responsible for Access Control to the company’s New York data center

• Created and deployed VMWare virtual machines

• Integrated Doubleclick API with our system (lead maintainer)

• Saved the company $23k a month by auditing our AWS and other infrastructure expenditures

CUNY Brooklyn College
Aug. 2013
BA Computer Science 2013
Udacity School of Programming
Apr. 2019 to Current
Nanodegree Full Stack Developer