Yusif Alizada
Software Developer
University of Waterloo
Honours Bachelor of Computer Science 2014
Music Minor
President's Scholarship of Distinction

Experienced in web front end, middleware/back end development, algorithm formulation and research. Worked in small (3) to large (8+) teams, as well as alone. Fast learner, currently exploring full-stack JavaScript. Passionate about solving challenging problems and efficient design, open to new languages and frameworks.

C#, Java, JavaScript, C++, C, HTML, CSS, SQL, PHP, Python, XML
nodeJS, AngularJS, BackboneJS, ExpressJS, .NET, Spring, jQuery, Bootstrap
Algorithm formulation, optimization and analysis
Scientific research/writing
Leadership, Presentation, Organization, Teaching (English, Mathematics, Computer Science)
Fluent/advanced Russian, Turkish, Azerbaijani, basic French

Executive at Waterloo Mathematics Society, Computer Science Club 

Olympic Boxing; Ai Ki Do - 1st kyu, black belt; Soccer - Forward and Midfielder in U-18 team

Self-taught guitar, piano, singing; guitarist, singer-songwriter in a band

Composed, arranged, recorded, performed 50+ original songs

Hubdoc (Xero)
06/18 - current
Full Stack Developer

  • Took charge of application development team for an integration project into the larger company post-acquisition, to enable increasing the customer base 30x seamlessly

  • Implemented solution to tax calculation problems comprising ~70% of customer complaints (node.js, Express.js, Backbone.js, aws)
  • Integrated 3rd party scanner application serving multiple regions (node.js, Express.js, Mocha/Chai/Sinon)
  • Rewrote an application to support secured users (Backbone.js, React.js, node.js)
CDK Global
01/17 - 06/18
Software Developer

  • Abstracted and optimized resource, service and data access layers in an enterprise management system (Java, SpringData, Hibernate)

  • Developed advanced search functionality, increased maintainability by making use of filter templates (AngularJS, Java, Spring, Karma+Jasmine, Mockito)

  • Set up front end build processes, including index page generation, linting, minification, packaging, testing (Gulp)

09/16 - 12/16
Intermediate Developer

  • Implemented Catchment Area Search with Google Maps API (C#, JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax, HTML, CSS)
  • Developed Website Validator Application with 99%+ accuracy (ASP.NET, SQL)

Phoenix Interactive
05/16 - 08/16
Software Engineer

  • Developed web teller client application (ASP.NET,  AngularJS, HTML)
  • Implemented server-side mediation (C#, C++, SQL)
  • Solved security defects with web API in a banking application (Owin)

RedIron Technologies
06/2015 - 04/2016
Software Developer

  • Developed mobile POS software on ASP.NET (C#, LINQ, XML, Tortoise SVN)
  • Improved server-client data exchange, reducing callbacks by 30% (SignalR, SOAP) 
  • Designed a more responsive front end UI (JavaScript, JQM, HTML5, CSS)
  • Optimized back end, increasing data retrieval efficiency (C++)

Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences
05/14 - 08/14
Research Assistant, Institute of Radiation Problems

  • Researched Invariant of Abiyev Balances Squares and Cubes
  • Investigated the application of Abiyev Balanced Squares and Cubes on 
    Optimal Problems of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
  • Formulated a correlation with the Invariant and the Periodic Table 

05/13 - 08/13, 06/14 - 08/14
Web/Software Developer

  • Developed and designed algorithms for 3D core sampling analysis software (C++)
  • Developed web front end (PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
  • Assisted system & database administration (SQL)

01/13 - 04/13
Web Developer/Designer

  • User Interface/User Experience and Graphic Design (HTML, CSS)
  • Web Development (JavaScript, HTML)

Abiyev's Balanced Squares and Cubes

  • Wrote most efficient program (C++, PHP) to date for generating Balanced (Magic) Squares and first ever program for Cubes. Currently can calculate the Magic Square and Cube of the largest order in the world in under 15 seconds (more at http://www.askeraliabiyev.com)
  • Co-authored research paper on Invariant of Abiyev Balanced Squares and Cubes and its correlation with Periodic Law, to be published (Abstract available at http://askeraliabiyev.com/Invariant.pdf)
  • Conducted research, prepared speeches for international conferences on Magic Squares and Cubes, and their application on Computer Science, Cryptography, Optimization problems with physicist-mathematician Prof. Dr. Abiyev
  • Co-authored “The Etudes on Simple Proof Of Fermat's Last Theorem” research paper, to be published


  • Application that connects users to coaches for exercise feedback

  • Front end design (AngularJS, Bootstrap)

  • Back end development, server/database interaction (ExpressJS, NodeJS, MongoDB)