John Maguire
Full Stack Developer

It was during college when I discovered my passion for mathematics, and analytic problem solving in general. From there it was a long, diverse road that brought me to my current position. Through all of these experiences I have learned many different things about myself, and found a love for coding. The ability to solve a problem in a multitude of different ways, with each solution having different merits really speaks to me, and I am really looking forward to turning this newfound passion into a lifelong career.

Pace University
B.S. Mathematics 2010
19 Week Full Stack Development Bootcamp 2016

A web app that allows the user to see all public toilets around them, review public toilets, as well as add toilets that are not currently in our database. Built using Ruby on Rails and Foundation framework, and NYC Open Data for existing public toilet information. 

ICYMI (In Case You Missed It)

An IOS app, with a webapp component, that shows the user a searchable list of every business they pass throughout the day in order to help them find places they may have missed during their day. Built with Rails on the backend, React Native for the mobile app.

Yoda Know

A star wars themed Stack Overflow clone. Built with Sinatra for the backend and using JQuery on the frontend, and Foundation framework.

DBC Algorithms

A web app built in Rails, using the Codewars Api. This app allows users to sign up, and register for upcoming algorithm whiteboarding sessions at Dev Bootcamp. Two days before the session is set to take place, the app pairs all of the users registered for that session, and emails them with their partner and the question they will be asking. 

Languages: Javascript, Ruby, CSS, SQL, HTML, C#, Python
Mathematics: Calculus (through intro to Differential Equations), Linear Algebra, Algebraic Structures, Complex Analysis, Real Analysis, Discrete Mathematics with Combinatorics
Frameworks/Libraries: Ruby on Rails, React, React Native, Sinatra, JQuery, .NET Core, Django, Bootstrap
Tools: Git, Heroku, Adobe Illustrator
TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon 2016

Competed in the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon. With a team of 5, we built a rails app that connects students to after school activities, and allows them to suggest new activities that they are interested in. If a teacher approves and an idea get's enough votes from other students, the activity opens up to parents to  crowdfund the new activity to make it a reality. View the app here: link.

DBC Algorithms Practice · Lead Organizer
Jun 2016 to Current

Began running a session every Tuesday and Thursday for alumni from Dev Bootcamp to come together and practice whiteboarding questions with a partner to prepare for upcoming technical interviews.

Math Tutor
New York, NY
Sep 2007 to May 2015

Self-employed math tutor

Tutored up through College Level

Designed curriculum and practice problems for each students individual needs

Brooklyn, NY
Sep 2009 to Jun 2016

Server at a farm to table restaurant.

Daily changing menu required me to memorize and be able to describe new menu every shift.

Backend Developer
Aug 2016 to Current

Backend Ruby on Rails developer for real estate startup.

Currently building the MVP that will be brought to market and investors.