Summer Rankin PhD
Data Scientist
Florida Atlantic University
PhD Complex Systems and Brain Sciences 2010
Public Trust · FDA Badged
2018 to Current
ICAgile Certified Professional (ICP)
June 2019 to Current

The International Consortium for Agile. 

DCFem Tech Award : Code
June 2019
NRSA Fellowship · NIH
Jan. 2014

T32 - Training program at JHMI Biomedical Engineering Department

Machine Learning & Stats
Time Series Analysis
Digital Signal Processing
Machine Learning
Generalized Linear Models
Supervised Learning (SVM, KNN, Random Forest)
Unsupervised Learning (cluster analysis, topic modeling)
Neural Networks (CNN, RNN, LSTM)
Natural Language Processing
Dimensionality Reduction (PCA,tSNE)
Graph Analysis
Tools & Technology
AWS (amazon web services)
Elastic Stack (ELK)
Booz | Allen | Hamilton
Apr. 2018
Associate Data Scientist

Strategic Innovation Group (SIG) Data Analytics Team under Lauren Neal and Catherine Ordun. 

Carrer Manager and Job Leader - Serve as advisor and mentor to support employee performance and growth, and day-to-day leadership.

  • 2 junior data scientists.

Technical Lead - Lead a small team of data engineers, data scientists and front-end developers in the creation of a dynamic and predictive tool that allows for analysis and visualization of complex policy environments. 

  • Analysis of text data for labeling and extracting structured information from a variety of US government policy documents to reveal relationships and insights based on content
  • Assisted with budgeting, algorithm design, staffing. Requisition of cloud environments (AWS and Elastic Cloud). Oversight of tasks (Agile)

Technical Lead - data and analytics study: an early phase of the culture dashboard developed for the Chief Transformation Office to help internal stakeholders make data-driven decisions.
  • Design, acquisition of data, natural language processing (NLP) and graph analyses to glean insights from unstructured text data. 
  • Indexed the data in Elastic Search and created a demo dashboard in Kibana for users to interact with data
Incident Response - Provide cybersecurity incident response support for a confidential commercial client on a privileged matter. 

  • Statistical analysis, anomaly detection, profiling

Technical Lead - Collaborated with the FDA Office of the Commissioner to develop and apply natural language processing (NLP) and other algorithms to detect adverse events using the unstructured 'notes' of the MIMIC III database containing electronic health records (EHR). 

  • Collaboration with clients on: experimental design, analysis, writing and presentation of academic posters and papers, software selection/install

Principal Investigator on a research project for SPARTA (Soldier Performance and Readiness Training Analysis). Collection of cognitive and behavioral metrics in an immersive environment to improve performance.

  •  Experimental Design, Equipment Selection, Risks, IRB approval, and Data Analysis

Bard Early College Baltimore
2015 to 2017
Science & Technology Faculty

  • Courses Taught: College Biology, Introduction to Computer Science, Foundations of Technology, College Statistics, and Survey of Music.  Trained faculty and staff to proctor and administer state/national exams.

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
2011 to 2015
Postdoctoral Fellow at the Music and Auditory Perception Lab

  • 7 peer-reviewed publications.

  • Complex technical setup (audio equipment, MRI, soundproof booths) and stimulus creation for human cognitive and behavioral studies.

Speaking & Teaching
Metis - TA
May 2019 to Current

Teaching assistant for the Live Online Beginner Python and Math for Data Science courses.

GTKcyber - Trainer

Two day course on Applied Data Science for Security Professionals at BlackHat 2018 and 2019.

Devfest DC 2019 - Speaker
May 2019

Advancing your NLP with Elasticsearch. 

Women in Data Science - Booz Allen Hamilton
Nov. 2018

Workshop on building a TED talk recommender using topic modeling (Latent Dirichlet Allocation) and visualization (tSNE). 

Women-led Biodata Science Hackathon
May 2019

Hosted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI). Our team obtained data and built pipelines to add 2 new annotators to OpenCRAVAT - a python package that performs genomic variant interpretation.

Data Science Bootcamp - Metis
Aug. 2017 to Dec. 2017

12 week full-time accredited data science bootcamp.   Selected Project:  Classified sounds from cats and dogs using time-frequency analysis, dimensionality reduction (PCA) and supervised classification models. Featured in Data Science Weekly November 16, 2017.