With experience in both technical and nontechnical roles - and an international perspective - I aim to empower development teams and digital artists to build, ship, and scale faster - and more reliably - through automation, effective systems design, and cloud technologies.

HBK Engineering
September 2015 - Current
Software Developer, DevOps

Responsible for DevOps for an internal team building custom cloud-based GIS tools:

  • Migrated on-premise software deployments to cloud infrastructure using IaaC; increasing developer productivity (AWS, Terraform, CloudFormation)
  • Eliminated downtime by replacing monolith with microservices (Node.js, Go, Lambda)
  • Increased deployment frequency 50x by designing and implementing CI/CD (CircleCI, Git, GitHub)
  • Architected services for distributed notifications, secrets management, and geometry conversion; further enhancing reliability and security (Docker, ECS, Lambda, Node.js)
August 2013 - August 2015
Partnerships Director
Built a technology-driven sales team at a technology education nonprofit:
  • Managed and trained a team of 30 contractors to increase revenue by pursuing local sponsorship for events in their city
  • Expanded our footprint and program offerings through recruiting sponsors and pursued strategic alliances with other organizations
  • Decreased staff cost by building custom internal tools (JavaScript and PHP)
  • Helped run over 30 hackathons and tech events across the country, 3 times per year; empowering tens of thousands of students to get excited about coding
May 2012 - August 2012
Web Development Intern

Built websites for local businesses at a marketing agency:

  • Increased a restaurant's online presence by redesigning their website (HTML, PHP, JavaScript)
  • Built tools to automate social media campaigns; expanding the reach of our messages (PHP, JavaScript)
  • Empowered future company growth by collaborating to explore new ways of reaching customers online
Little Springs Design
May 2009 - August 2009
UX Intern

Worked on improving mobile user experiences at a mobile UX consultancy:

  • Helped  developers design more consistent user experiences by reorganizing and rewriting important requirements and specification documentation
  • Set the stage for new research in the field through exploring new user interaction tools and paradigms
  • Participated in design, brainstorming, and feedback processes with clients; leading to much improved mobile user experiences for their customers
AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Associate)

DePaul University
Philosophy + Global Asian Studies
Iowa State University
Liberal Studies
Hong Kong Baptist University
Study Abroad
Economics + Communication
University of Virginia
Semester at Sea - Northern Europe
Business + Social Entrepreneurship