Front end developer with full stack chops. I love Angular, JavaScript, and graphics and design. I write server side code in Node.js and Express.

Angular Weather
Angular 4 weather.

This app is a front end sample app made with the new version of Angular. I use this app for teaching others about Angular at meetups and in my workplace. It makes calls to the Google maps api and the Dark sky api to populate a weather widget that can be used anywhere in an Angular app. https://github.com/RyanChristian259/Angular4WeatherApp

Zombie Church

ZC is a semi-custom WordPress build with graphics done in Adobe Fireworks and Photoshop.

ZombieChurch.co was built for a local startup church in Colorado Springs, CO. It is built on the WordPress platform. Graphics were designed or edited with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Fireworks. http://ryanchristianmedia.com/zombiechurch/

Ready To Wed

Ready To Wed is a custom MEAN stack SPA build.

RTW is a quick build prototype that utilizes Angular.js, Mongo and Mongoose, Testing with Chai and Mocha, Gulp, Bootstrap, Node, and the Node Mongo Seeds NPM package. GitHub - https://github.com/RyanChristian259/FOTFDeveloper-Exercise  --  ready-to-wed.herokuapp.com/#/

Front End: Angular, RxJs, Angular.js, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Graphic Design, Bootstrap, Responsive Design, JSON, XML
Back End: Node.js, Express.js, Mongo, SQL, Firebase, CRUD APIs, RESTful APIs
Tools & Techniques: Git, Mocha/Chai, Jasmine, Pair Programming, Gulp, Grunt, OAuth, Social Auth, SPA design, API Creation and Interaction, Agile Project Management, OOP, MVC / MVVM / MV*
Social: Public Speaking, Team Building, Leadership and Coaching
Apex Systems at Charter Communications · Software Developer
Feb. 2018 to Current
Denver Tech Center

Work with large and small teams to develop web applications with Angular 2 through 6 and Typescript. Build apps from HTML, CSS, and wireframes using gitlab, Node.js and jasmine/karma.

Implement detailed product design from wireframes with Javascript and Angular, implement solutions and debug code, and perform system support on applications and software projects. Develop and translate detailed design and requirements into software.

ISS/Polaris Alpha · Software Engineer
Aug. 2016 to Feb. 2018
Colorado Springs, CO

Worked on a small team to initiate the upgrade of enterprise applications from Angular.js 1.x to Angular 4+.

Worked to reach out and better collaborate with the UX/UI and design resources at ISS. This resulted in better design ideas, dialogue,  and cooperation with Systems design and engineering.

Regularly perform detailed product design with vanilla Javascript and Angular, implement solutions and debug code, test releases and perform system support on applications and software projects. Develop and translate detailed design and requirements into software.

Digiflare/Accedo · Software Developer
Apr. 2016 to Aug. 2016

Write TV Everywhere apps for the Roku media player in an Agile environment with Roku's Brightscript.  Make API and HTTP calls, and perform data and media asset manipulation. Ensure software is usable and matches design specifications.

Adroit Creative Solutions · Designer/Developer
Jan. 2016 to Apr. 2016

Design and develop websites with WordPress; create and edit graphics with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator; maintain, update, and backup existing websites, monitor and implement SEO, implement and monitor e-mail marketing.

Ryan Christian Media · Owner/Designer
Feb. 2013 to Current
Colorado Springs, CO

Ryan Christian is a small business operated and owned by me, focusing on building web solutions for small business clients. Please see RyanChristianMedia.com for my work portfolio.

Galvanize Full Stack Web Development
MEAN Stack 2015
Student, Galvanize gSchool - galvanize.com gSchool is a full-stack, 6-month, intense bootcamp, teaching developers Full stack Javascript (MEAN Stack), test driven development, PostgreSQL, Mongo, Angular, Node, jQuery, APIs, JSON, Git version control, project development, and pair programming.