Carlo Lucido
Software Developer
Disaster Finder
July 2020

Description: Uses public FEMA API to allow users to find information about federal spending on public assistance disaster or emergency projects.

Tech Stack: React, Axios, Antd, D3, Less, CSS Grid methods

Project type: Solo


Github: (private)

Trash Panda Recycling App
Jan. 2020 to Mar. 2020

Description: Uses image recognition to inform user of recycling options near their location.

Tech Stack: React, Axios, Apollo Sever, Apollo Client, Jest, Knex, Express, Styled Components

Project type: Group


Github (Backend):



- Configured testing environments for serverside and clientside website repositories

- Developed schema and backend functionality using Apollo Server, Knex, and NodeJs to handle client requests

- Connected backend to Data Science department’s API and to third-party RESTful API

- Tested frontend (Jest) and backend (GraphQL playground followed by Jest and Apollo Server Testing)

- Developed frontend functionality per UX/UI department standards using Apollo Client, React, and Parcel

- Styled client side components per UX/UI department wireframes using Styled Components and custom themes

FEMA Incident Management
Disaster areas
Historic Preservation Specialist
Sept. 2018 to Current

- Advised local governments on federal environmental and historic laws

- Conducted technical surveys and produced reports for mitigation projects

Open Range Archaeology
Russellville, AR
Archaeological Monitor
Oct. 2016 to Oct. 2017

- Monitored construction operations for cultural concerns

Nova Technologies: An Employee-Owned Engineering Company
Orlando, FL
Configuration Manager/Database Manager
May 2014 to Dec. 2014

- Worked with CFFT, AV-8B, SOFLAM, JSAF, and OneSAF trainers

- Worked with a cross-functional technical engineering team on ensuring software was understood by customers (DoD)

- Configuration control of software builds, hardware drawings, and documents (Manuals and Procedures)

- Held Configuration Control Board meetings for clients

- Created forms to ensure QA, IA, and Shipping and Receiving information was stored, tracked, and reportable

- Provided assistance testing products through Acceptance Test Procedures

EHP Cadre FEMA · Special Act Awards
Aug. 2019

These awards are only given to staff nominated by field leaders.

Lambda School
Full-stack web development
- Detailed study of algorithms and data structures
- Applied pair-programming techniques
- Utilized agile software development and git workflow on all projects
University of Central Florida
BA Anthropology 2009
MA Archaeology 2015
Software development
RESTful architecture
Data Graphs (Graph Databases)
Spatial survey methods
Spatial analysis
Database creation
Object attribute analysis
Technical writing
Scientific drawing
Map creation
Scientific Photography
GIS & GPS field data collection
Configuration/Version Control
Microsoft Suite
QA testing
Project Management
Exploratory Calls
Recovery Scoping Meetings