I see usability, design, and collaboration as key levers to building a relationship between client and technology.  I enjoy breaking down large projects into efficient tasks and developing effective strategies to meet deadlines and ultimately the client's needs.   

Denver, CO
Back End Software Engineer
May 2017 to May 2018

Built custom software for enterprise clients which include custom email services, a UI experience for customer success managers and custom data manipulation tools. Strong emphasis in PostgresSQL and Ruby on Rails.

Denver, CO
Full Stack Software Developer
2016 to 2017

  • Delivered both front end and back end features for Athlete user application.  This application was the highest grossing feature at CaptainU  
  • Features built include: Upgraded Stripe integrations, additional profile features for Athletes, and a new entry portal for Athletes.

  • Technologies used: Rails, Ruby, JavaScript, React, Responsys, SequelPro, Sketch and Trello.

Denver, CO
Integration Specialist Intern
Spring 2016 to Summer 2016

  • Integrated FareHarbor check out products into client websites using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.  Client CMS included:  Wordpress, HTML access via FTP, Joomla, GoDaddy, Squarespace, and Wix.
  • Built online travel agency website using FareHarbor internal API information.  API pulled information about clients and services and grouped information based on activity type, company name, and location.

Denver, CO
Literacy Teacher and Team Lead
2012 to 2015

  • Teacher Team Lead responsible for curriculum writing, training, and coaching literacy teachers across Strive Prep network in Common Core standards, individualized literacy structure, and literacy workshop models.
  • Formal instructional coach responsible for observing and debriefing bi-weekly with teachers using cognitive coaching.
  • Planned and led 10 trainings on individualized literacy instruction for an average of 60 teachers each session

Teach for America: New York City Institute
New York, NY
Corps Member Advisor
Spring 2012 to Summer 2012

Coached and presented feedback for beginning teachers through weekly debriefs

Edcouch- Elsa ISD
Edcouch, Texas
English Language Arts Teacher, Teach for America Corps Member
2008 to 2010

Highly acclaimed national service corps with over 24,000 applicants and a 14% selection rate in 2008

Taught and tutored 257 bilingual students, that led to 89.9% passing the 2009 state assessment 

Turing School of Software Design and Development
Certificate in Web Application Development with Ruby, Rails and JavaScript 2016
Texas A&M University
B.A. International Studies 2008
Stripe Integrations/

  • Added annual billing to subscriptions options (from monthly billing) and a callbacks controller that accepts updates from Stripe
  • Athletes can now downgrade from a premium plan and maintain premium access until end of billing date
  • Athletes are offered a prorated price for upgrading their subscription from a lower paid to a higher paid plan

CAP Basketball/

A customization created for basketball player's profiles that included responsive designs for athletes to input their CaptainU Athletic Proficiency Score (a score based on information added to an athlete's profile) using hand rolled CSS, JavaScript and React. 


  • An interactive, instructional typing game.  
  • Try to keep your bird afloat by typing as quickly and correctly as possible!
  • Game is built off HTML5Canvas and using JavaScript and jQuery for all image rendering. Styled with Materialize, CSS. 


  • Alumni mapping application that shares employment information for Turing grads and allows alumni to connect.  
  • APIs: Google maps, Github. Built internal API.
  • Languages/ Tools: Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Ajax, Amazon Web Services, Postgres


  • A fictional e-commerce site for booking space travel vacations. 
  • The site includes both administrator and registered user roles, a cart that implements the Stripe API and a Foundation framework. 
  • Users can view order history. Administrators can create new packages and edit them.

Code: Ruby on Rails, Agile Development, Test Driven Development, Ruby, Object Oriented Programming, Github/ Git, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS,, MiniTest, RSpec, ActiveRecord, Capybara, Sketch
Leadership: Spanish (fluent), Italian (proficient), Public Speaking, Instructional and Professional Coaching