Brendan Little
Web Developer
Lighthouse Labs
Web Development Bootcamp 2015
Ruby on Rails, Javascript, CSS, HTML, postgres
University of British Columbia
BSc Food Nutrition and Health, Food Market Analysis Major 2012
Fundamentals: Economics, Business, Chemistry, Biology, Nutrition

Since supplementing his CS courses at UBC with Lighthouse Labs' web development intensive, Brendan has enjoyed expanding his programming skills working with agile tech teams. While his current technical strengths primarily lie in Ruby on Rails and front-end Javascript, he is always excited to find opportunities to learn new languages and tools.  Brendan's background in business and team-sports have given him a great foundation in the soft skills of communication, team-work, and persistence.

Throughout my educational and professional experience, Brendan has always strived to participate in the elimination of systemic inefficiencies through the application of science and technology. Brendan has taken well to programming work-practices, such as version control and agile business methods. Brendan is excited to be able to contribute to the increasingly ubiquitous tech world and is dedicated to being part of its progression. However, it's moments when the large compilation of digital logic manifests as an impactful real-world tool that make him go the extra mile.

Ruby on Rails, Ember.js, React.js, Javascript, JQuery/Ajax, HTML, CSS, Kanban, Git, Node.js, Handlebars.js, Sketch Image Editor
Strutta - Online Competitions Platform
Full-Stack Developer
Mar 2016 to Current

Working with a small, agile team powered by user and client-driven development, across three primary projects (and auxiliary projects, as required): RoR open API, RoR closed backend (with some React.js-powered interfaces), and a front-end Ember.js client-facing app.

Languages/Frameworks: RoR - Ember.js - React.js - JQuery/Ajax - HTML/CSS

Tools: Redis - Sidekiq - CircleCI - Github - Pivotal - Zeplin - Rollbar

JustGreet - Custom Artisan Card Delivery System
Full-Stack Web Developer (Part-time)
Nov 2015 to Sep 2016

Implement feature and design changes within the site's existing codebase as the company grows. 6 months developed the original Node + Backbone site before migrating the site to Shopify to better suit the business' needs, on my advice.

Stack/tools used: Shopify - Node.js - MongoDB - Handlebars.js/Backbone - git - Sketch Image Editor

Hangr - Fashion Retail Technology
Full-Stack Web Developer / Front-End Lead
Apr 2015 to Mar 2016

Continually developing Hangr's web platform for retailers, brands, bloggers, and administrators. It includes comprehensive features relating to fashion product lists, photos, tagging, and sharing.

Stack/tools used: Ruby on Rails - React.js - Javascript - JQuery - Ajax - (noSQL) - Git - Sketch Image Editor - Kanban

Coding Bull - Dev Shop
Full-Stack Web Developer / Front-End Lead
Oct 2015 to Mar 2016

Our junior developers and I implement our designer's layouts to create smooth, clean, intuitive user experiences in a timely fashion. We build out our clients' applications using React.js on the Front-End (web and mobile) and Ruby on Rails on the back-end (web and mobile via API).

Stack/tools used: Ruby on Rails - React.js - Javascript - JQuery - Ajax - postgres - Git - Kanban

Malachite Management (STEMCELL Group)
Member Services Specialist - Association Management
2013 to 2015

Manage membership database, implement marketing initiatives, create website content, event planning, provide on-site support at international conferences.

Cycling, Volleyball, Running, Soccer (Liverpool Whitecaps), Music