Riley Smith
Unity Developer

Experienced Senior Software Engineer with a proven track record of delivering successful projects in both game and application development. Helped release the highly-rated Steam game 'Hiveswap: Act 1' by developing key features and ensuring high-quality code. Developed four separate projects over three years that met client and shareholder needs. Expertise in Unity3D, C#, and C++. Skilled in applying Agile methodology to plan sprints and ensure quick development. Collaborates effectively with cross-functional teams to achieve projects goals.

Unity Engine
Unreal Engine
Virtual Reality
Object Oriented
Source Control
Tools Development
Performance Optimization
Code Reviews
Rapid Prototyping
Scalable Software Architecture
Project Estimation and Scoping
Code Reviews
Time Management
Critical Thinker
Effective Communication
Complex Problem Solver
Agile Methodology
Academy of Interactive Entertainment
Advanced Diploma Game Development, Game Programming 2017
2017 to 2018
Academy of Interactive Entertainment

  • Instructed first year students with various programming topics

  • Helped guide the students to good programming habits
  • Performed code review for students and gave constructive feedback

Smashing Ideas
Seattle, WA
Senior Software Engineer
Mar. 2020 to Jan. 2023
  • Developed and maintained a complex simulation training software using C++, resulting in four successful projects with seven releases over three years for classroom use.
  • Developed front-end interactions and visuals using Unity3D to create intuitive controls and enhance user experience.
  • Designed and implemented a scalable system architecture with a focus on usability and high-quality user experience, resulting in improved performance and increased efficiency.
  • Collaborated with Art Director to achieve optimized assets for the use within Unity.
  • Iterated on ambiguous features and adapted to changing requirements, ensuring flexibility and adaptability, and providing valuable insights and solutions to the project team.
  • Ensured code quality through feedback on code reviews and adherence to coding principles, resulting in a high-quality code base that was easy to maintain and modify.
  • Mentored newly hired developers to expedite their development readiness and facilitate their integration into the project team.
  • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to investigate and resolve technical issues, using effective communication and problem-solving skills to resolve issues in a timely manner.
  • Implemented unit and runtime testing to guarantee features functionality, ensuring that the software met all functional and performance requirements.
  • Collaborated closely with product managers to scope projects and sprints, adjusting project functionality based on ambiguous requirements to meet stakeholders' needs.
  • Contributed to the design process from idea creation to final production, working alongside functional analysts to design system functionality that meets stakeholders' needs, resulting in a software product that was highly effective and efficient.
  • Adapted project requirements and functionality based on stakeholder feedback, demonstrating flexibility and adaptability, and continuously improving the software to meet stakeholders' evolving needs.

Seattle, WA
Game Programmer
Mar. 2017 to Sept. 2017

  • Developed the successful point-and-click adventure game, 'Hiveswap: Act 1', using Unity3D, resulting in a highly engaging and entertaining game.

  • Designed and implemented complex AI behavior trees for combat sequence encounters, resulting in a challenging and dynamic gameplay experience for players.

  • Collaborated with a multi-disciplinary team using the Agile methodology, contributing to a collaborative and efficient work environment that encouraged creativity and innovation.

  • Worked with Quality Assurance to ensure that bugs and issues were promptly addressed and resolved, resulting in a high-quality game that met user expectations.

  • Managed daily product builds and submitted them for Quality Assurance testing, ensuring that the development process remained on track and that the final product met all requirements.

  • Maintained and iterated on a large preexisting code base, ensuring that the game remained stable and functional while making continuous improvements and updates.
  • Built tools to assist with the speed and ease of development, improving the development process's efficiency and productivity while minimizing errors and redundancies.