Sanjana Desai
Web Developer & Web Development Instructor

In my fourth year of university, I discovered my love for programming and never looked back. Now, after completing a degree in management and a minor in computer science at McGill University, I am fuelling my passion for development by driving the future of e-commerce at Shopify and helping people learn to code at Lighthouse Labs. When I'm not coding, you can find me creating playlists with fresh music discoveries, or writing my first book. 

Programming Languages: JavaScript, Java, HTML, CSS (SCSS), C, Bash, Python, Ruby, Liquid
Frameworks & Libraries: NodeJS, ReactJS, Express, Ajax, JQuery, Web Sockets, Rails, Webpack, Babel, Spotify Web API, Passport JS, OAuth 2.0, Sass/SCSS, Bulma, Sinatra, Shopify API, Gulp
Database Systems: MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL
Languages: English , French
Lighthouse Labs
Diploma Web Development 2017
McGill University
Bachelor of Commerce Major of Strategic Management, Minor in Computer Science 2017

Curating an ever growing music library, playing the bass guitar, and occasionally hosting listening parties or events.


Creating freeform essays, poems, and chapters for my book

Outdoor Adventuring

Hiking, outdoor photography, camping, multi-day canoe tripping, kayaking. Former leader in Girl Guides of Canada

Hack the North 2017

Participant of Hack The North 2017. Built a healthcare information system with a database of patient records and a native app to scan QR codes to access patient information.

Lighthouse Labs · People's Choice Award

Voted best final project by Lighthouse Labs YVR Demo Day attendees

July.2019 - Current
Developer Support Specialist · 
Vancouver, BC

  • Providing in depth technical support for the largest merchants on Shopify, providing assistance with custom application development, custom storefront development, integrations with 3rd party software, and consulting on long term engineering projects
  • Liaising with relevant engineering teams to provide client feedback for future feature development. 
  • Contributing to bug fixes on the core platform in the Shopify Github repository (Ruby on Rails & ReactJS) and raising relevant Github issues upon bug discovery.

Sept..2018 - July.2019
Launch Engineer in Shopify Plus · 
Vancouver, BC

  • Being a technical advisor for Shopify's fastest growing merchants looking to innovate, grow their business, and integrate new technologies into their platform. 
  • Guiding merchants with complex migrations, application development, and theme development (JavaScript, REST/XML APIs, SQL, Ruby on Rails, Liquid (Shopify), GraphQL, React, HTML, CSS)  
  • Building internal tools and processes to increase efficiency and merchant experience during launch phase and to improve knowledge sharing across peers and teams

Lighthouse Labs
Mar..2018 - Current
Intro to Web and Frontend Fundamentals Instructor & Alumni Mentor · 
Vancouver, BC

  • Created and delivered lectures in all aspects of full-stack web development - MEAN stack and RoR
  • Mentored students one-on-one on dev practices, specific technologies, and career prep
  • Contributed to curriculum development to ensure a well rounded set of course material and an optimal learning experience for all students 

Diff Agency
Jan..2018 - Current
Systems Integrations Developer (Formerly Frontend Web Developer) · 
Montreal QC

  • Developing omni-channel Shopify web applications in Ruby on Rails to integrate and centralize all merchant processes including logistics, inventory management, manufacturing, etc. 
  • Creating powerful and intuitive user interfaces with HTML5, ERB, JavaScript, and Bootstrap to represent relevant merchant data and enable merchants to manage internal processes and migrate data between Shopify and external party platforms.
  • As Frontend Developer: Building intricate, fully responsive Shopify store themes in Liquid - Shopify's templating language,  HTML5, SASS (CSS3), and JavaScript based on client specifications and prepared mockups. 

Nov..2017 - Current is an app that replicates the message board functionality of Facebook groups, with the goal of giving students a place to ask their course-related questions and get responses from other students, teaching assistants, and tutors. Students can log in, register, select their courses, and post questions and comments  The project consists of a frontend app and a backend app which communicate via proxy.

Technologies: ReactJS, React-Router, Create-React-App, Semantic-UI, NodeJS, Express, JavaScript, MySQL, Sequelize, AJAX

Aug..2017 - Current

RoadieSounds is a sleek single page app that takes user travel information and music preferences and compiles concert information using eventful and corresponding Spotify based playlists to accompany the user on their journey. RoadieSounds was awarded the People's Choice Award at Lighthouse Labs' Demo Day

Technologies: React, NodeJS, Express, PostgresQL, Spotify Web API, Eventful API, PassportJS, Bulma


Jungle is an Amazon or generic e-commerce web app clone built in Ruby on Rails to demonstrate the effective use of the MVC framework used in many database heavy projects. Users are able to add items to a cart, checkout and complete payments using Stripe, and leave reviews for products that they've purchased. 

Technologies: Ruby-on-Rails, Bootstrap 3, Stripe, Capybara (for testing)


TinyMapp is a collaborative map sharing application built on top of the Google Maps API. It enables users to create maps of locations of their choice by dropping pins, providing a name for each location and submitting. Upon opening the application, users are shown a list of all existing maps created by all users.

Technologies: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap 3, JavaScript, Express, NodeJS, AJAX, JQuery, Knex


Chatty is a real-time, single page web app that enables users to send and receive messages and images over a messaging interface similar to that of Slack. Users are able to see the number of users online at any point and are notified when a user changes their username.

Technologies: Webpack, Babel, JavaScript, ReactJS, Web Sockets, HTML, CSS, Sass

Youth2Tech Conference hosted by UpstartED Inc. · HTML/CSS Workshop Facilitator
 · Montreal QC

Counterpoint Magazine · Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief
Jan..2016 - Sept..2017
 · McGill University, Montreal QC

  • Interviewing artists, editing, writing, reviewing articles for Counterpoint Magazine’s bi-annual issues and contributing to editor’s blog
  • Leading a team of 30 staff writers, 13 photographers and layout designers, and 7 social media staff to produce high-quality articles about the McGill University and Montreal music scene and host events for McGill Community