Kevin Ho
University of Pennsylvania
BSE Computer Science: Digital Media Design 2018
University’s Dean’s List: 2015-2016
Cumulative GPA: 3.50
Harvard-Westlake School

Demos for projects at
Aug. 2018 to Current

- Lead developer for coding assignments, network visualization sandboxes, and course website

Dividend-bearing ERC-20 Token Contract
June 2018 to Aug. 2018

– Solidity contract for ERC20 tokens that represent a portion of promised revenue
Sept. 2017

– Developed relay for 0x cryptocurrency trade orders

– "Best Product Execution" at largest Ethereum Hackathon

Mini Minecraft
Apr. 2016 to May 2016

– Minecraft clone built in QT Creator (C++):

– Rendered terrain in chunks of blocks, using back-face culling to improve render speeds

– Implemented AI to find shortest walkable path to character (Djikstra's)

Skills & Activities
Programming: Javascript (Node.js), React.js, Redux, Java, HTML/CSS, C++, PostgreSQL, Solidity
Business: Digital Marketing, Agile, Excel
Interests: Blockchain, Cryptoeconomics, AI Safety
Hobbies: Photography, Video Production, Tennis, DJing
Work Experience
SkillStackers · 
Jan. 2018 to Apr. 2018
Co-founder, CTO of digital marketing startup

- Grew to $5k/month in revenue

- Automated Facebook ad targeting and creation

- Finalist for UPenn President's Innovation Prize

The Ticket Fairy (Y Combinator) · 
May 2017 to Dec. 2017
Product Management and Software Engineering Intern

– Built tool for clients to easily deploy Facebook ads:

– Designed UX, built Serverless Express API and user-friendly ads dashboard (React+Redux)

– Led analysis of re-building ticketing functionality through Ethereum smart contracts

Livedrop · 
May 2015 to Jan. 2017
Founder of music and concert data API

 – Inspired Ticketmaster's new method for concert promotion targeting (sent to >30m fans)

 – Developed algorithms to aggregate and categorize over 200,000 concerts based on scraped web data 

 – Built PostgreSQL database schema and scripts to populate database with artists, genres, and concerts

Ticketmaster · 
June 2016 to Aug. 2016
Consumer Engagement Marketing Intern

– Constructed data-centric customer journeys leading to full redesign of onboarding process and marketing emails

– Developed scripts in Node.js to automate client email targeting process, saving 100+ man hours per year

ETH Waterloo Hackathon 0x Prize Winner
Oct. 2017
Wharton Innovation Fund Award for Livedrop
Dec. 2016
Wharton Entrepreneurial Intern Fellow ('15, '17)

Awarded twice for commitment to entrepreneurship

ThinkChicago Civic Tech Challenge Finalist
July 2016

Selected out of 800 applicants to lead team pitch to Chicago leaders on Lollapalooza stage

Best Experimental Short Film Nominee
Apr. 2013

at National Film Festival for talented youths