Jamea Kidrick
Full Stack Web Developer
Le Cache
Jan. 2020 to Jan. 2020

Allows users to upload their information to be displayed for employers to search through

CSS | JavaScript | React | Airtable API

GitHub Repository

  • Le Cache was a team project that was assembled in 27 hours during the Lambda Winter Hackathon 2020
  • Pair programmed with team on all aspects of the site
  • The Airtable API was used in place of a back end technology due to time constraints so user information can be stored
  • Front end built the app using React and it was styled with CSS
Hackathon Portal
Dec. 2019 to Feb. 2020

Assists with organizing, judging, and participating in a hackathon

JavaScript | React | Redux | Node | Express | Auth0

GitHub Repository

  • Hackathon Portal is a team project that was assembled in two months.
  • Worked on various pages client-side
  • Back end was built using Node and express, PostgreSQL to store user and hackathon information, and authentication was handled through Auth0

  • The app was built using React and the state was managed using Redux

Sept. 2019 to Sept. 2019

Users can find a book and review it

HTML | CSS | JavaScript | React | Context API | Redux | Java | GoogleBooks API | Formik | Yup

GitHub Repository

  • Was assembled within a week (September 23 - 27)
  • Designed and created the forms for the login, register, and add review pages
  • Back end utilized Java for the back end to save user reviews

  • The app was build using the React library
  •  State was managed through Redux
  • GoogleBooks API provided the large quantity of books that the user could search through and review
  • Form creation and validation were handled using Formik and Yup

Lambda School
Feb. 2020 to Current
Section Lead

  • Led a team of 10-12 team leads that emulates a real work environment using the agile methodology

  • Led daily standup meetings to build camaraderie and facilitate the sharing of ideas and work progress

  • Provided feedback and issue resolution of work ethic and communication through one-on-one meetings

Lambda School
Oct. 2019 to Feb. 2020
Team Lead

  • Mentored 8-10 (varied) students on how to learn effectively and solve programming problems.

  • Led daily standup meetings to build camaraderie, facilitate the sharing of ideas and work progress, and provide guidance for that week’s study material

  • Delivered one-on-one feedback and code review on a weekly basis

da Vinci’s Cafe
Feb. 2015 to May 2016
Morgantown, WV
Team Member

Lambda School Academy of Computer Science and Web Development · 
Aug. 2019 to Current
Full Stack Web Development
Virginia Tech (VT) · 
Aug. 2016 to Current
Master of Science Animal and Poultry Science
West Virginia University · 
Aug. 2012 to May 2016
Bachelor of Science Animal and Nutritional Sciences 2016