Kevin Ho
University of Pennsylvania
BSE Digital Media Design (Computer Science and Computer Graphics) 2018
University’s Dean’s List: 2015-2016
Cumulative GPA: 3.41
Harvard-Westlake School
SAT Score: 2250
Math: 800, Writing: 760, Reading 690

– Co-developed Mini Minecraft clone in QT Creator (C++):

–  Rendered terrain in chunks of blocks, using back-face culling to improve render speeds

– Implemented sheep AI to find shortest walkable path  to character location (Djikstra's)

– Co-developed Android app for housemates to manage house events, chores, and payments

– Utilized Firebase to store and manage data

– Co-developed web app that generates local scenic jogging routes – built backend in Node.js

– Co-developed front-end of web platform that matches errand requests to providers through a reverse bidding system

Demos for projects at

Work Experience
Ticketmaster · 
Jun 2016 to Aug 2016
Consumer Engagement Marketing Intern

– Led competitive analysis of customer onboarding, preference gathering, and marketing emails to map out dream-state customer journeys

– Developed script in Node.js to automate client email targeting process, saving 100+ man hours per year

Livedrop · 
May 2015 to Current
Los Angeles, CA
Lead Developer of music and concert data API

 –  Built PostgreSQL database schema and wrote Node.js scripts to populate database with artists and genres

 – Built algorithm to categorize over 200,000 aggregated concerts based on scraped web data 

 – Developed business plan and pitched to win Wharton Innovation Fund award

RapPad · 
Mar 2013 to Mar 2014
Marketing & Social Media lead for rapping site

-Grew daily unique users from 0 to over 2000 by engaging aspiring rappers on Youtube and the hip hop

community on Reddit


June 2015


for ‘PORTAL’ short film at National Film Festival for talented youths

Skills & Activities
Programming: Javascript (Node.js), Java, HTML/CSS, PostgreSQL, C++, C, jQuery, React.js
Business: Product Management, Digital Marketing, Powerpoint, Excel
Activities: Logistics, planning, and front-end developer for student-run incubator, Weisslabs (, Jazz & Grooves
Hobbies: Photography, Video Production, Tennis, DJing