University of California, Davis
BS Computer Science, Cognitive Science 2019
minor Technology Management
Oct 2017 - Current

A web app that shows people nutritional values of certain foods and records what they clicked on. Utilizes HTML, CSS, Javascript This project was launched for use for experimentation on subjects within the communication department at UC Davis.
Apr 2017 - Current

My personal website. Utilizes Javascript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap.

Aug 2016 - Current
Davis, CA
#Include @ Davis

#Include-Davis is a web-development club at UC Davis that is run exclusively by students. The club develops websites for Davis-based non-profits at no charge. #Include-Davis is a platform for students to gain development experience while positively impacting the Davis community.

Jul 2017 - Current
Regional Director & President
Davis, CA

  • Starting and managing an educational coding chapter of coderGirls aimed at teaching elementary to high school girls programming and web development

Jun 2017 - Current
Web Development Intern
Davis, CA
Center for Spatial Sciences @ UC Davis

  • Troubleshoot, update any front-end oriented code for the websites by the Center for Spatial Sciences

Jan 2016 - Current
Manager & Course Creator
Davis, CA
UCD Student Startup Center

  • Created a 4 week project based course, "Code a Live Website" and set to teach max 20 students how to develop a live website
  • •Created a workshop, "Basic Website Design with HTML" and teaching; taught 3D modeling
  • Management duties - SSC Administration; Plan events
  • Manage a maker-space which consists of 3D printers, computers, and other technological machines 
  • Select candidates for hiring in the ESSC, sitting at interviews for potential recruitment 
  • Assist students and faculty with the use of 3D printers
Dec 2016 - Mar 2017
Community Manager

  • Mentor engineers in hackathon towards taking goal oriented steps
  • Facilitate project completion across platform; Communicate directly with users and the CEO; find out project objectives
  • Gather info on Hackathon Sales for sponsorship and report to CEO

Aug 2016 - Apr 2017
Webmaster & Social Media Manager
Davis, CA
UCD Student Startup Center
  • •Social media marketing - 1000% increase in post engagement during weeks leading up to Open House• 
  • Maintain website and features and post up-to-date information (• 
  • Manage Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and post current events
Web HTML/CSS, Drupal, Wordpress, Content Management Systems, Bootstrap
Programming C++, C, Linux, Unix
Organizational Management, Team Management, Writing, Teaching, 3D Printing
Languages English, Tagalog