Faith Chikwekwe
Software Engineer
Make School
CS school in San Francisco
Georgia State University
B.A. Spanish/Int'l Business 2015
Cum Laude
Back End: Golang, CGo, Rust, Flatbuffers, Python, Language Development
Databases: InfluxDB, Prometheus, MongoDB, AWS S3
Dev Tools: Git, Z-Shell, Bash, Zenhub, Github Projects
Front End: JavaScript, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3
Methodologies: Scrum, Kanban, Testing Infrastructure, Microservices

Space Exploration

Video Games


Community Volunteering

Vegetarian Cooking

Modern Jazz

Detail-oriented software engineer with experience working in language development.  Passionate about maintaining existing systems, working on consumer feature requests, and writing competent, easy-to-understand test harnesses. Background in using Golang, Rust and Python to write and update interfaces between the query language and  and implement database query performance enhancements. 

San Francisco, CA
Software Engineer II
Sept. 2019 to Current

- Implemented a syntax parser for Algorithm W type inference system

- Designed and improved system for handling Prometheus metrics within Flux query language

- Set up a monitoring and alerting system to ensure healthy queries notify team of outages within our cloud system

- Led effort to improve test coverage, testing accuracy and CI health

Black Girls Code
Oakland, CA
Summer Camp Technical Instructor
July 2019 to Aug. 2019

- Mentor young girls while teaching them the basics of web development and problem solving with computer science

Make School
San Francisco, CA
Computer Science Teaching Assistant
Mar. 2019 to July 2019

- Taught basic and complex data structures in Python for use alongside basic concepts like OOP, algorithm complexity and testing as well as advanced topics such as using Markov Chains for natural language processing and sentence construction

- Introduced students to basic concepts related to  Object Oriented Programming in Javascript and p5.js while providing actionable feedback on final projects such as Conway's Game of Life

Flux End-to-End Test Harness Improvements
Aug. 2020 to Current

Unskipping flakey tests to improve overall test coverage 

Syntax Parser for Algorigthm W Type Inference System
Feb. 2020 to Aug. 2020

Determine polytype syntax and parse polytype source to ensure proper syntax prior to substitution and constraint solving phases

Design: Using Prometheus Metrics with Flux
Apr. 2020 to Current

Design an API to better interact with Prometheus metrics using the Flux query language and the InfluxDB time series database

InfluxDays Speaker · Top 10 Flux Beginner Mistakes and How to Fix Them
Nov. 2020
InfluxData Outreach · Board Member
Mar. 2020 to Current

Working with employees across departments to create a variety of events that help bring everyone together as an organization. From trivia nights, NASA watch parties to wine nights and game nights. 

Make School Student Council · Student Council Representative
Aug. 2018 to Sept. 2019
Play Like a Girl STEM+ Hackathon · Coding Mentor
July 2019
IGNITE Worldwide · Coding Workshop Technical Assistant
Oct. 2018
Black Girls Code · Technical Instructor
Sept. 2019
Faith Chikwekwe
Software Engineer