Kevin Bryan
System Designer
Game Design
Encounter Design
Narrative Design
World Building
Systems Design
Unity VFX Graph
Unity Shader Graph
Production and QA
Academy of Interactive Entertainment
Aug. 2019 to Current
Advanced Diploma Game Design and Production 2021
Guilford College
Aug. 2003 to July 2007
BA Political Science 2007
Designer / Producer for Rubberside Down
Designer and Producer, Unannounced App
Feb. 2021 to Current

Designer and Producer for unreleased travel-related mobile app.

  • Researched Maps API and Unity Plugins to find the fastest development options
  • Recruited programmer and UI artist to work on Unity development
  • Refined from loose concept to design documents and tasks
  • Set up and ran HacknPlan for Art, Design and Programming tasks
Freelance Unity Programmer and Designer for Symbion Project
Unity Programmer and designer for (m)ORPH
June 2020 to Feb. 2021

Unity Developer and Game Designer working on (m)ORPH

  • (m)ORPH is a VR interactive music experience for Oculus Rift and Quest
  • Developed input, shader, physics, and 3D sound systems in C# for Unity
  • Updated project to pass Oculus compliance
  • Did additional game design and programming for upcoming updates.
Snapchat AR Creator Residency
Programmer and Game Designer for MyTomato
Sept. 2020 to Oct. 2020

Created the MyTomato AR Virtual Pet Lens for Snapchat as part of their AR Creator Residency Program in a small team.

  • Created the initial pitch to Snapchat
  • Learned how to code in JavaScript, learned a new engine, and completed the finished lens in the allotted time
  • Programmed a full plant-sim that interacts with the Snapchat API to create a growable pet
Freelance Writing and RPG Designer
RPG Designer
Jan. 2018 to Sept. 2020

Paizo Publishing - Huskworld and The Forever Reliquary and Bestiary 3 Contributing writer. 

Bestiary of Babylon Self-published book of monsters for Chronicles of Darkness

  • Researched Babylonian monsters and legends to reimagine them for the modern day.

Open Gaming Network - Monster Mondays
ENWorld TRAILseeker - The Envious
Eat the Rich Anthology: What We Eat

Parker Staffing
Experienced Tester / Lotcheck Tester
May 2019 to Mar. 2020

Compliance testing for the Nintendo eShop

Checked builds for stability on multiple specifications
Documented violations to be forwarded to the developer

VMC at Airtight Games
Functional Tester
Nov. 2013 to Feb. 2014

Performed black box functional testing for Murdered: Soul Suspect

Ran test cases, build verification tests, ad hoc testing and regressing previous bugs
Tested for Windows, Playstation and PC

Xbox 360 Certification Compliance Tester
July 2013 to Nov. 2013

Performed Compliance testing for Xbox 360 Certification

Checked builds against the Test Certification Requirements on multiple specifications

  • Worked in small teams to identify violations.

Documented violations to be forwarded to the developer

Student Project: The Forgotten Circus: System Designer & Programmer
Mar. 2021 to Current

The Forgotten Circus is a stealth-horror game  developed in Unity where you sacrifice friendly toys to escape from invulnerable monsters.

  • Designed and programmed sound system for AI detection.
  • Designed and programmed toy mechanics.
  • Worked with programmers to integrate systems with AI and player controller.
  • Worked with team to develop compelling toys and monsters.
Student Project: Rise to the Top - Level and Encounter Designer
May 2020 to July 2020

  • Rise to the top is an imaginary FPS where a child must use their rocket launcher and sword to ascend the tower and rescue their cat, Princess.
  • Worked in a team of eleven as a level designer and encounter designer across four sprints
  • Designed the level to focus on and show off player rocket-jumping to bypass enemies or to knock enemies to their death
  • Developed multi-stage boss fight with destroyable boss shields, teleporting enemies, and collapsing terrain.
Game Jams as Programmer and Designer

  • Don't Touch the Penguin  - You are a penguin so you should bite the delicious hands of children in this 3D arcade game
    Programmer and Designer - Started using Scriptable Objects.
  • Burning Horizon - Try to repair a space station during a meteor storm while it is on fire in this 3D arcade game
    Shader Programmer and Level Designer
  • Snooze Button - Try to get five more minutes of sleep... while the world is trying to wake you up  in this 2D arcade game
  • Mr. Gorbachev Tear Down This Wall! - Tear down the Berlin Wall in this 3D Pinball / Blockbreaker hybrid.
    3D Modeler and Texture Artist
  • Eco Yeti - You are the Yeti who eats Skiers - in this 3D Arcade game.
    Programmer and Level Designer - First character controller and spawning system
Tabletop Games and Larps · Game Master / Event Runner
Sept. 2003 to Current

  • Run both premade games and custom plotlines for a variety of game systems and settings
  • Developed original content, monsters, NPCs encounters, and settings
  • Ran games from between 2 and 40 participants
  • Developed games for both Player Vs Environment and Player Vs Player focus