I bring over 5 years of hands-on software development experience. I am a team player with a track record of meeting project goals and exceeding expectations. I have excellent communication skills, and through Agile methodologies like Scrum and Kanban, I ensure a collaborative process and great time management. Proficient in DevOps, automated testing, version control, and scalable architectures, I develop enterprise-grade software and have made several open-source contributions.

Frontend: Angular, React, Ionic, Vue, Redux, NextJS, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SASS, jQuery, Bootstrap
Backend: Django, Express, GraphQL, NodeJS, Ruby on Rails
Database: SQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB
Testing: Jest, Jasmine, Selenium, Cypress, Mocha, Chai
Version Control: Git, Github, Bitbucket, Jira
Other Technologies: TypeScript, Docker, AWS, Linux, Nginx, Apache, OpenCV, Numpy, Pandas, Pytorch, Tensorflow, Openpyxl
Project Evaluator
Victoria, British Columbia
Lighthouse Labs
Dec. 2020 to Current
• Conducting detailed project evaluations, offering constructive feedback and identifying areas for improvement.

• Being a primary contact for students, addressing questions and concerns regarding project submissions.

• Maintaining open communication and staying updated on project evaluations and submissions.

Full Stack Web Developer
Victoria, BC
TimberTracks Inc.
June 2021 to Jan. 2023
• Developed user-friendly front-end solutions with Angular, delivering exceptional user experiences.

• Wrote efficient unit tests using the Jasmine testing framework to ensure bug-free software.

• Contributed to scalable Django back-end solutions, utilizing Python programming.

• Executed reliable Python unit tests for back-end solutions.

• Created responsive mobile applications with Ionic, meeting client specifications.

• Conducted thorough manual testing to ensure software quality and timely delivery.

• Thrived in agile development, collaborating closely with team members.

Full Stack Web Developer (Intern)
Victoria, BC
Clavis Studio
Mar. 2021 to May 2021
• Developed a Python web scraper to automate real-time pricing collection from multiple retailer websites. Data was stored in a database and served through a Django REST framework API.

• Created a responsive React front-end that efficiently rendered JSON data from the API, providing a seamless and engaging user experience.

• Played a key role in improving website functionality by identifying areas for enhancement and implementing new features to enhance user engagement and experience.

Victoria, British Columbia
Lighthouse Labs
Oct. 2020 to Jan. 2021
As a Mentor, I supported and guided students in learning JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Specifically:

• Conducted detailed code reviews, offering constructive feedback to enhance their skills.

• Assisted students with assignments, helping them overcome challenges and produce high-quality work.

• Provided effective and engaging instruction on the fundamentals of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, ensuring students developed a solid foundation.

Full Stack Web Developer
Victoria, British Columbia
Silver Streak Aluminum Boats
Sept. 2019 to Current
• Created a website using Django, JavaScript, CSS, and Bootstrap, exceeding client expectations.

• Automated tasks with Python scripts, improving workflow efficiency and reducing errors.

• Successfully managed tasks, met deadlines, and communicated effectively with team members in a remote work environment, ensuring project success.

Ionic Fitness (Ionic + Angular + Django)
Apr. 2022 to Current

Feature-rich mobile app to track your fitness progress with charts and analytics, set goals, plan meals and connect with other users. The Django API is deployed on an AWS EC2 instance.

KanaMinds Pro (Ionic + Angular)
Nov. 2023 to Current

KanaMinds Pro is an app I developed using Ionic and Angular. It is designed to help users learn hiragana and katakana characters in Japanese.

SMS AI Stock Analysis (Python)
June 2023 to June 2023

Analyze stock trading news using OpenAI's GPT-3.5 and send stock picks via SMS to a list of recipients.

Full Stack Web Scraper (React + Django)
Mar. 2021 to Current
Powerful web scraper that automated gathering of latest prices from various retailer websites.

• Used Python and Selenium to build a Web Scraper that collected prices from retailer websites and stored the data in a PostgreSQL database.

• Created a Django REST Framework API to serve the data in JSON format for easy accessibility to the React frontend.

• Developed a React frontend that displayed the data in a table with conditionally colored rows to indicate price movement.

• Implemented stealth features to prevent blocked requests.

Glassmorphism CSS Generator (React)
Jan. 2021 to Jan. 2021

• Created CSS code that enabled the "frosted glass" effect, adding a stylish and modern aesthetic to the website.

• Utilized the useContext() hook in React, enabling me to manage global state and pass data through the component tree, enhancing the functionality and usability of the application.

Lighthouse Labs
July 2020 to Oct. 2020
Diploma Full Stack Web Development 2020