Kevin Camellini

Third year student in Software Engineering seeking an internship or part-time employment for the summer of 2019. Passionate about all things software, works well in teams, has been team lead in academic projects twice and first place award winner at ConUHacks III.

Concordia University
Spring 2020
Bachelor of Software Engineering
Baton Rouge
2013 to Current
 - Waiter
ConUHacks III
January 2018
First Place
Winter 2018

For ConUHacks III my team and I created an IOT automated drink mixer using Flask and some repurposed stepper motors from a CNC machine. The project earned us the first place prize over all from among 600+ students from across the country. It is also worth mentioning that we have earned a top five spot every single time we have competed at hackathon together.  This demonstrates my ability to work well and thrive on a team.

One Social
Summer 2018

One Social is a web app built with Ruby on Rails that neatly aggregates all of your social media links into one place. You can find an example of my social media profile here. Some notable features are: search functionality, many-to-one and many-to-many database relationships. This project is a great example of  attention to detail and love for software. 

Exam Bank
Fall 2016

Exambank is a website providing study materials for students in Engineering, Software Engineering and Computer Science at Concordia. The project started in my first year as a means to pay it forward and to give back to the community by providing quality study material for future students. From its humble beginnings, today it reaches around 2 thousand students per month during the regular semester and generates roughly 10 thousand page views per month during exam periods. A pretty simple JS script allows me to update and maintain contributions from other students more effectively. This also permits the website to be hosted statically for free on GitHub without having to pay for server space.


I genuinely enjoy coding, creating beautiful functional software, and all things software. I appreciate being challenged and learning from new experiences, hackathon's, new programming languages and frameworks. Visit my website to see examples of my coding prowess

Programming: Ruby, Java, javascript, Rails, Laravel, Node.js, MySQL, Git
Human Languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish