Timothy Hoang
Software Engineer

Previously at Tenavox as an associate full-stack software engineer. Transitioned from pharmacy to software. Passionate about web development and javascript ecosystem.

Front-End Development: JavaScript, React, Redux, Next.js, GatsbyJS, HTML, CSS, Styled Components, Flexbox, CSS Grid, HTML, CSS
Back-End Development: Node, Express, SQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Python, Django, C, Netlify, Heroku
Other Skills: Git, Github, Jest, Cypress, Yarn, NPM, Auth0, Jira, Vietnamese (fluent), Spanish (basic)
Lambda School
July 2018 to Mar. 2019
Full Stack Web Development and CS
Lambda School is a fast-paced 7-month full-time Computer Science & Software Engineering Academy that provides an immersive hands-on curriculum with a focus on computer science, software engineering, and web development.
Bernard J. Dunn School of Pharmacy
Aug. 2009 to May 2013
Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D)
Virginia Commonwealth University
Aug. 2005 to May 2009
Bachelor of Science with a Pre-Pharmacy concentration
Austin, TX
Associate Full Stack Software Engineer
May 2019 to Dec. 2019

• A commercial real estate startup building relationships between client and brokers in Texas

• Developed the React UI connected to a Node.js RESTful API and PostgreSQL database for an internal-facing application to manage commercial real estate properties 

• Advanced various features for existing applications with SEO, media management, documentation

• Collaborated with product owners and lead developer through the development lifecycle

• Forged solutions per owner's business needs by implementing feature requests/bug fixes and delivering on a biweekly sprint schedule

• Worked with React, Redux, NodeJS, NextJS, PostgreSQL, Auth0, Cypress, CircleCI, Docker, Amazon Web Services, Cloudflare, Jira, Datagrip

Frontend Developer
Nov. 2016 to June 2018

• Skills in website design and javascript applied to freelance projects

• Completed projects for multiple clients with GatsbyJS, Wordpress, and Divi Theme

• Related projects: Derik Jones Portfolio, VZ Suites, Sightsee With Me, Talk of the Town Languages

Home I.V. Care
Waynesboro, VA
Apr. 2014 to Nov. 2016

• Managed daily operations of patient consultation, directing pharmacy technicians, and entering pharmacy orders

• Coordinated logistics for home care delivery during working and on-call hours

• Led the technology initiative to improve CPR+ software and computer processes to optimize the patient care flow

Tenavox Admin
Mar. 2019 to Sept. 2019

• An internal-facing admin app for the management of real estate properties from brokers

• Designed the app with NextJS front end, NodeJS back end, and PostgreSQL database

• Relevant technologies: Docker, AWS, CircleCI, Auth0, Cloudflare, Swagger, Confluence 

Feb. 2019 to Mar. 2019

• A spaced-repetition review app to send out learning snippets for students from the teacher

• Worked as a core developer with 4 full stack developers deploying agile methodologies and git workflow

• Technology stack: ReactJS, NodeJS, PostgreSQL, SendGrid, TypeForm

Feb. 2019 to Feb. 2019

• A trip logging app to help backcountry guides of all types log their private or professional adventures

• Led as ScrumMaster for 5 developers of various skill levels

• Coordinated team goals to build the application, committed code, and assisted in debugging

• Technology stack: ReactJS, NodeJS, Sqlite3

Dulles Barber
Dec. 2018 to Current

• Home website for barbershop business based in Virginia

• Serves as an online business hub for store information, announcements, and digital contact

• Technology stack: GatsbyJS, GraphQL, Styled Components

Derik Jones Architect
May 2018 to May 2018

• An architect portfolio website built for a client

• Showcases the client's professional designs, projects, and inspirational photos

• Technology stack: GatsbyJS, GraphQL, Styled Components

Lambda School · Acclaim Badge
Apr. 2019

Completion of 15 weeks of full-stack web development, 10 weeks of computer science, 5 weeks of a Lambda Labs apprenticeship, and SkilledInc.com skills interview

Free Code Camp · Front End Certificate Development Program
Mar. 2018

A web development platform with approximately 400 hours of coursework