Orlando Torres
Data Scientist
Data Analysis
Python Packages
Beautiful Soup
Machine Learning
Natural Language Processing
Spoken Languages

Innovative social scientist turned data scientist, combining insights from business strategy with demographic and policy research. Extensive public speaking experience at conferences, as well as program evaluation in both academic and professional settings. 

Data Science Consultant
San Francisco, CA
May 2017 to Current

Project commissioned by RapportBoost.AI
  • Used Natural Language Processing to extract topics from interactions in a Customer Service online chat platform.
  • Created interactive visualizations using Bokeh to find patterns in customer interactions.
  • Trained a sentiment analysis model to predict expected chat rating by giving a score to each word.
  • Created automated word cloud visualizations of key performance indicators.

Project commissioned by Starbutter AI

  • Aided development of a mortgage chatbot by gathering, organizing, and ranking various financial indicators.

Metis Data Scientist
San Francisco, CA
Apr 2017 to Jun 2017

Developed and presented five business-applicable data projects, utilizing concepts such as statistical inference, data acquisition, machine learning techniques, Flask, D3.js visualizations, and Natural Language Processing.

Projects developed included:

  • Deep Learning and NLP: The Future of Recommender Systems - used SVD to create a context aware recommender system that learns from users' text to improve predictions on an Amazon Reviews dataset.
  • Visualizing Global Conflict: An Interactive History of Interstate Disputes - created a D3.js map that allows users to dynamically explore the famous Correlates of War dataset.
  • Examining Global Trends in the Movie Industry - scraped data from an online movie database and created a Q-GIS map that displays movies' and genres' economic success across different countries.

The UPS Store Store Manager
Tallahassee, FL
Jan 2012 to Dec 2016

Oversaw 10 employees to ensure team performed at the highest standards at one of the most profitable UPS branches in the country. 

  • Trained numerous employees who are now high-performing and training others themselves. 
  • Revamped the scheduling and inventory systems to reduce inefficiencies. 
  • Increased total sales by 5% in a year by creating and implementing a sales strategy and incentive program.

University of California - Berkeley
Certificate - Marketing 2018
(in progress)
Florida State University
MS International Affairs 2015
MS Demography 2014
University of Florida
BA Philosophy 2010