Jeneve Parrish
Creative Web Developer

Two years ago, I left my career in Academia to pursue new challenges in a collaborative work environment where my creativity, problem-solving and attention to detail would be tested and valued. I undertook rigorous training in  Agile Full-Stack Web Development with Ruby, Rails and JavaScript. In the year since I have been on the job, I've been building features and solving problems using React, Redux, AWS Lambda, AWS API Gateway and  Firebase. I love writing clean, well-documented, fully-tested code that's easy to read, use and maintain; the most satisfying part of my job is working on a team. 

I'm looking for opportunities to work with remote teams that champion creativity, education and/or service, use agile methods and value a work-life/family-life balance.

Boulder, CO
Junior Developer
Oct 2016 to Current

  • Full-stack engineering in React, Redux, AWS and related technologies. 
  • Lean/Agile teamwork in a rapidly growing adtech startup.
  • Major contributions to both the front-end and back-end of Brandzooka, a self-service platform for launching Programmatic Video Ad campaigns and viewing / interacting with the resulting data.
  • Major contributions to both the front-end and back-end of Brandzooka's company admin tool.

Metropolitan State University
Denver, CO
Affiliate Faculty in Fine Arts
Sep 2009 to Jan 2015
Washington State University
Pullman, WA
Adjunct Faculty in Fine Arts
Sep 2006 to May 2009
Personal Projects

Curoiator is a web app that lets users explore their interests in the field of Fine Arts. The app utilizes the Artsy Api and the Art Genome project to connect users to news and information about artworks, artists, galleries and shows tailored to their specified interests. Curioator is a Rails app that serves an internal API to a JavaScript front-end. See the source code and a demo at,  visit the deployed app at


TyprrBurn is a browser game that helps players learn typing. Built with a partner, it uses  JavaScript and Webpack with an animated HTML5 canvas to present a fun and addictive game where a player must type quickly to keep an origami bird flying.  See the production game at the source code and a demo at 

Turing School of Software & Design
Certificate in Web Application Development with Ruby, Rails, and JavaScript,
Washington State University
Master of Fine Arts in Painting,
Oregon College of Art and Craft
Bachelor of FIne Arts in Drawing,
Languages / Libraries: JavaScript, Ruby, HTML, CSS, Sass, Git, AJAX, Jquery, Active Record, Lodash
Frameworks / Tools: React, Redux, Node, Webpack, Rails, Sinatra, Material-UI, Bootstrap, Materialize, Foundation, AWS
Testing: Mocha, Chai, Jest, Enzyme, Sinon, RSpec, MiniTest, Capybara, Selenium
Methods: TTD, BDD, Agile, Lean, Pair Programming
Art / Design: Composition, Design Theory, Art History, Drawing, Photoshop, Teaching and Mentoring, Sketch