Nathaniel Magera
Software Engineer

Project designed to help automate certain processes for Lambda Labs

Tech Stack: AWS Lambda | AWS Serverless | Knex.js | Postgresql | React

  • Designed an application while working in a team of 7 students, with a two month deadline
  • Collaborated with a team of three, to build the database and sorting algorithm to place students in the correct database tables
  • Refined the Labs sorting process by decreasing the amount of work hours by 80%

Art Portfolio

An application for all of your art pictures! Each user can register and login to see their art pictures

Tech Stack: React | Context API | Styled Components | Node.js | Knex.js | Postgresql

  • Developed a Full Stack Application, working in a team of 6 students with a one week deadline
  • Responsible for creating the secure database and API calls for the application
  • Collaborated with the Front-End engineers to develop the React application for the project

Github Repo:

MeSoFunny Dad Jokes

A website that stores all your favorite jokes! A user can register and login to see their own personal jokes, as well as a public list of jokes

Tech Stack: React | Redux | Context API | Node.js | Styled Components

  • Collaborated in a team of 5 students to build a Full Stack Application with a one week deadline
  • Primarily built the state management system for the application with Context API and Redux, and made sure the application was receiving correct data from the database
  • Acted as the Senior Engineer on the team and advised other team members on building the front-end of the application

Github Repo:

AWS Services
Front-End Engineer
Apr. 2021 to May 2021

- Used designer's wireframes to build central data page for application

- Worked with The Graph API to source data for display

- Built aggregate data view showing high-level metrics across list of organizations

NTT Security
Pittsburgh, PA
Security Analyst
Mar. 2014 to Dec. 2018

- Analyzed a client's network to determine whether a possible threat was credible

- Set a baseline of activity for the client by looking at trending data

- Observed numerous types of malicious attacks and recommended solutions to the client

Apr. 2019 to Jan. 2020
Full Stack Web Development
BloomTech is a 8+ month Computer Science & Software Engineering Academy providing immersive hands-on curriculum with a focus on computer science, software engineering, and web development
- Implemented pair programming when working in projects
- Utilized agile software development and Git workflow on all projects
- Wrote production-ready code using React, Redux, and CSS on the frontend and NodeJS and Express on the backend to build single page applications.
Pittsburgh Technical College
Oct. 2010 to Sept. 2013
Associate Degree Information Technology with concentration in Network Administration
- Configured network and server communications
- Implemented virtual machines and servers. Installed and maintained computer hardware, software and networks
- Supported both computer and network operating systems