Dhruv Upadhyay
Purdue University
B.S. Computer Science 2019
3.45 GPA
3x Semester Honors

Obj. Oriented Programming

Discrete Mathematics

C Programming

iOS Development in Swift

Computer Architecture

Data Structures/Algorithms

Systems Programming

Software Engineering

Software Testing

Operating Systems

Swift/iOS Dev.

Computer Science student looking for Software Development opportunities pertaining to web or mobile development.

Software Engineering Intern - July 2018 to September 2018

  • Created solution to reduce SQL overhead caused by external and internal workloads on Azure SQL Server Team.

  • Wrote spec proc in C++ to allow polling of how long DB has been inactive.
  • Implemented way to reduce resource consumption caused by DMV Collector under Satelite code package in C# based on DB's inactiveness and analyzed results from changes by setting up testing environment in Onebox and running queries in Kusto (feature resulted in 20% decrease in CPU and Memory consumption).

Software Engineering Intern (iOS) - May 2017 to August 2017

  • Developed new features for the SmugMug iOS app (in production) using Swift and Xcode i.e feature for displaying information/metadata for photos/videos in full detail,  feature for setting security preferences for users' folders/albums, internal event-tracking/analytics, and more.
  • Worked in all layers of the codebase (Model/API layer, Views/UI , and Controllers.). 
  • Utilized iOS SDK components such as CoreData, MapKit/Core LocationUIKit as well XCTest framework for  writing

     Unit and UI Tests


Purdue Hackers - Director of Comm.

Manage social media,  promote events, organize buses to hackathons year-round, and work with other organizers to plan events for Purdue's massive hacker community. More details here: purduehackers.com

Web Dev Club - Public Relations Officer

Promote this club's weekly meetings and events via social media.

Hello World - Comm. Team

Part of the communications team for Purdue Hackers'  freshmen-only hackathon consisting of 150+ freshmen in 2016 and 2017.  More details here: helloworld.purduehackers.com

Launchpad Mentor - Mentor

Chosen to be a mentor for freshmen for the Launchpad program. Guided mentees in developing iOS applications using Firebase in Fall 2016 and 2017. More details here: launchpadcs.org


  • Developed/designed an iOS application using Swift, Firebase, and Sketch that allows users to post and engage in debate-type discussions among various categories.  Essentially a mobile version of debate.org.
  •  Using iOS SDK components such as UIKit and MapKit/CoreLocation as well as Facebook and Google APIs.  Utilizing MVC, delegation, and singleton patterns for code architecture.

  • Wrote UITests using XCTest framework.

Get Rec'd

  • iOS app for discovering recommendations for various media types (movies, TV, music) all in one place. Made using Swift, Xcode, Firebase, Spotify API, Apple Music API, Facebook SDK, Google SDK, and TMDb API: https://github.com/GetRecd/GetRecd-iOS

  • Designed and implemented various core features in the app such as user profile page, generating recommendations for movies, and social features such as adding/searching friends.

  • Wrote UI tests for implemented features using XCTest framework.

Node Clowning Around

  • MHacks 8 project for GM Vehicles using GM NGI SDK + Electron to tackle the clown epidemic of 2016. Warns users of clown sightings via crowdsourced data.
  • Designed/developed website using HTML, CSS/Bootstrap, Javascript/jQuery for web app: nodemoreclowns.herokuapp.com
  • Developed/designed iOS application companion using Firebase, FacebookSDK, and Swift: https://github.com/Dhruv97/Node-Clowning-Around-iOS