Rosie Hoyem
Jan 2017 to Apr 2017

Data Science training program focused on Python, Machine Learning, and Data Visualizations.

Flatiron School
Sep 2013 to Dec 2013

Full-stack web development training program focused on Ruby on Rails and use of development best practices.

Cornell University
Master's Regional Planning 2009
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
BA Architecture 2005
Data Science
Scikit Learn
A/B Testing
JS Visualizations
Web Development
Ruby on Rails
TDD with Rspec

Full-stack Ruby on Rails web developer and Data Scientist fluent in Python ready to tackle complex problems with advanced technical tools and data. Also comfortably wears the hats of designer, project manager, and policy analyst. Passionate about technology and looking for a challenging role on a cross-functional team that will put full array of skills and experience to work. 

Life Stream App
Mar 2017 to Apr 2017

A Quantified Self data aggregator and analyzer pulling data from sources such as Fitbit, Mint, and social media. Project architecture consisted of a Ruby on Rails web application and a full data pipeline using Airflow and AWS RDS. Modeling techniques included time series analysis and Kmeans clustering.

Analyzing Real Estate Investment Potential
Feb 2017 to Mar 2017

Used data to predict the investment potential of new listings on Zillow using diverse data sources and an ensemble of models. Utilized Natural Language Processing to analyze listing descriptions, Kmeans to cluster property types, and Logistic Regression to predict investment success. 

Factors Contributing to Success in Public Schools
Feb 2017 to Feb 2017

Gathered data on nearly 20,000 public schools from across the country and used machine learning classification algorithms to predict student success based on key features such as race, poverty, and student-teacher ratio. 

Sep 2015 to Aug 2016

Built from the ground up new web services and an admin portal for client to manage 400+ individual iOS and Android applications. Tools used included Ruby on Rails, Devise, JBuilder, Rspec, Jasmine, S3 for image storage, SNS for push notifications, and Heroku.

Terra Populus
Jun 2014 to Apr 2015

Terra Populus is one of the major projects managed by the MPC integrating the world'’s population and environmental data. Tools used included Ruby on Rails, Postgres/PostGIS, Javascript, Capistrano, and Jenkins.

Minneapolis, MN
2015 to 2016

Worked with a cross-functional team to support the creation of digital products for a total of 6 clients.

Built full-stack Ruby on Rails web applications as well as APIs to support iOS and Android mobile apps.

Technologies used: Heroku, AWS, S3, SNS Push Notifications, Javascript, Devise, Postgres.

Minnesota Population Center
Minneapolis, MN
Developer 2
2014 to 2015

Built and maintained Ruby on Rails data dissemination applications for a research-focused audience.

Worked with diverse stakeholders on internal admin platform to design functionality and define success.

Eutectics Consulting LLC
Minneapolis, MN
Senior Project Manager
2012 to 2013

Managed partner relationships, designed development processes, and matched projects with finance tools.

Worked closely with founder to design strategies for growth and identify new business opportunities.

NYC Solar America City Partnership
New York, NY
Lead on Project Communications
2010 to 2012

Engaged with diverse program partners and lead communication strategy across multiple programs.

SunMaxx Solar, Inc.
Ithaca, NY
Project Manager
2009 to 2010

Worked closely with sales staff, engineers, and executives to develop biz dev strategies.

Institute for Resource Information Sciences, Cornell University
Ithaca, NY
GIS Research Assistant
2008 to 2008

Conducted research and spatial analysis for a project investigating ground water contamination.