Pradhvan Bisht

Software Developer with over 3+ years of experience of building robust and scalable systems. Specializing in Backend Development.

Languages: C++, Go, Python
OS: Linux, Windows
Back-end Frameworks: Django, FastAPI, Flask, Hug
Tools/Libraries: Celery, Docker, Git, Gunicorn, Jinja2, PeeweeORM, pytest, Redis
Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQlite
Cloud Platforms: AWS, Digital Ocean
Front-end: CSS, HTML
B-Tech Computer Science 2018
Lakes International School Bhimtal
High School 2014
Summit Technology Group India
Software Developer · 
May 2022 to Dec. 2022

  • Worked with the implementation team to automate manual processes for the lenders platform which dramatically reduced testing time for certain features in the platform.
  • Contributed code as a newly arrived developer, that immediately unlocked quite a bit of blockers in the LOS(Loan Origination System) platform.

Stack: [ Python, Django, Celery, Redis, pytest, Docker]

Flourworks Software Private Limited
Backend Developer · 
Jan. 2020 to Apr. 2022

  • Built backend components and APIs for the platform from scratch that scaled from 0 - 10K users.
  • Handled platform releases of the product serving 10K active users.
  • Wrote an open source rendering library, tiptapy that became the core component of the platform for generating server side HTML for
  • Took initiative of documenting core components of the platform when the platform matured and preparing onboarding guide for the backend team.
  • Initiated pair programming session with folks new in the team to speed up their contributing time towards the platform.
  • Initiated monthly engineering meetings for engineering team catch up and Friday open house sessions for team interaction when the team was forced to work remote due to the lockdown.

Stack: [ PythonHug,  peewee ORM,  pytest,  PostgreSQL, Celery,  Redis,  nginx ]

SDE-1 · 
Jan. 2019 to Jan. 2020
  • Worked on Vid Commerce which is a product that helps the end-user to optimize marketing strategies on various commerce platforms like Amazon.
  • Primarily responsible for writing back-end API and unit testing of the application which was written in Python.

Stack: [ PythonFlaskMySQLpytest

ScanAPI - Core Developer
July 2021 to Current

  • ScanAPI is an Automated Integration Testing and Live Documentation library for your API with 1.2k stars on Github.
  • Helping folks contribute to ScanAPI at DevSprints.
  • Reviewing PR from other contributors.

Mar. 2023 to Mar. 2023

Gogrep is a command line program written in Golang that implements Unix grep like functionality.


Open Source Community Involvement

  • Mentored a person from the community to give a talk at EuroPython 2022. 
  • Part of the talk proposal review team at EuroPython 2022 , PyCon DE 2022  and PyCon India 2020 - 2021
  • Active volunteer in helping organise PyCon India 2016 - 2021, EuroPython 2020 Developer Sprints and PyCascades 2021.