Ashish Malla
Software Engineer
Frontend: React (React Native), Next.js, Astro, Typescript, Redux, TailwindCSS, Playwright
Backend: Python (FastAPI, Flask), Node.js, Ruby on Rails, GraphQL, Postgres, MongoDB
Methodologies: Agile (Scrum/Kanban), MVC, MVT, TDD, OOP
Tools: Git, Docker, Kubernetes, Vercel, Figma, GCP, AWS, Azure
Work Experience
AMN Healthcare
Software Developer (Product: Harqen)
Jan. 2023 - Current

- Engaging in a 5-person team, modernizing codebase from 2-3 secs to ms (Scala, Java, Angular to FastAPI, GraphQL, Astro, React), and presenting sprint-end demos.

- Contributing to Dockerizing the application stack, conducting post-deployment QA, and assisting

in establishing an Azure CI pipeline for enhanced development efficiency.

- Collaborating with the Product Owner, created over 15 detailed frontend mockups to facilitate stakeholder alignment and achieve project goals.

Software Developer (Product: Silversheet)
Sep. 2021 - Jan. 2023

- Developed Ruby on Rails RESTful APIs for seamless system integration and optimized data flow.

- Used Redux caching to reduce loading time from 6 to 1.5 seconds for 3000 daily users.

- Boosted dashboard report viewership by 30% and usage by 50% per Google Analytics, improving decision-making and user experience.

BT Americas
Westminster, CO
Video Conferencing Engineer
Nov. 2019 - Oct. 2020

- Managed 1,400 endpoints for seamless conference management in EYGS and Onward databases.

- Achieved a >97% resolution rate of conference issues, resulting in high client satisfaction (96%).

- Utilized SQL queries to categorize conference calls for night shift personnel, enhancing efficiency.

Colorado State University
Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems
Nucamp Coding Bootcamp
Certification in Fullstack Mobile & Web Development
Certification in Backend, SQL, and DevOps with Python
Turing School of Software & Design (Bootcamp)
Certification in Frontend Software Engineering
1st Place, AMN Healthcare Hackathon
May 2023

Designed & built winning team's prototype in Next.js & Tailwind, scoring record 4.75/5 in AMN hackathon as solo front-end dev.