Cate de Leon
Data Scientist and Columnist

Data scientist with strong communications and storytelling background. Passionate about describing and contextualizing current events, phenomena, and online conversations with statistical models.

Airbnb Bookings Prediction

Created a model to predict the number of bookings per Airbnb listing in Hong Kong using data from Analyzed reviews and determined important features that contribute to how a listing performs on the market.

COSRX Twitter Sentiment Analysis

Extracted tweets about cult-fave Korean beauty brand, COSRX and performed sentiment analysis and topic modelling to gain insights on what people were saying about the brand and its products. 

I Am Jake

Co-wrote Filipino singer, Jake Zyrus’ (formerly Charice Pempengco) autobiography, entitled "I Am Jake". The book made National Bookstore’s October and November bestsellers list (#8) for Philippine non-fiction publications. It was also #6 on Inquirer's Top 10 Books of 2018.

Credit Scoring for Fintech

Used numerical classification algorithms, logistic regressions, and decision tree classifiers to identify features needed for a dynamic Credit Scoring system.

Software and Programming Languages: Python for Data Science, Jupyter Notebook, Power BI / Data Visualization, OpenRefine / Data Cleaning, SciPy, NumPy, Pandas, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, R Programming, Web Scraping , SQL, Tableau
Machine Learning & Statistics: Natural Language Processing, Regression Algorithms, Classification Algorithms, Gradient Boosting Methods, Random Forest Algorithms, Clustering Algorithms
Other skills: writing, social media, community management, public speaking, editing
Krishna Tanwani · Data Science Mentor - FTW Foundation

Cara Wilson · Co-founder - FTW Foundation

Cdr Dhiraj Khanna (retd.) · Data Science Mentor - Springboard

FTW Foundation · 
2018 to 2019
Scholarship Program - Data Science
A 14-week immersive scholarship program for Data Science and executive skills training. The program only accepts 6% of applicants.
Introduction to Data Science 2018
A 100-hour online data science workshop that covers R, Data Wrangling, Analytics, and Data Storytelling.
University of the Philippines
BM Musicology 2014
University of the Philippines
DCPMA Music Education 2009
Cross Pacific Global
Manila, Philippines
Media Solutions Lead (Data Scientist) · 
Apr. 2019 to Current

I take care of the data analytics side of performance marketing and helping brands grow and scale digitally across the mediums people spend their time on.

Yahoo! Inc.
Community Manager · 
Oct. 2016 to Current

I manage the Yahoo! Philippines Facebook and Twitter pages, coordinating with the Yahoo! Asia HQ in Singapore. I push content that resonates with the Filipino audience to drive up engagement. I also analyze Facebook Insights data on a bi-weekly and quarterly basis and present this to the team to determine succeeding social media strategy.

  • Increased post shares by 290%
  • Increased average post reach by 100%
  • Increased engagement by 30%
  • Increased fan growth by 6%

Philstar Daily Inc.
Manila, Philippines
Columnist · 
Mar. 2015 to Current

After 10 years in the publishing industry, I landed my own column in The Philippine STAR's pop culture and social media section, SUPREME. I write about a diverse number of topics, from travel, current issues, to personal stories that hit a nerve with our readers. 

In 2015, I guested on The Bottomline, an ABS-CBN talk show hosted by the Philippines’ King of Talk, Boy Abunda. On account of my article, “What this atheist thinks we can learn from Pope Francis”, I participated in a roundtable discussion about the Papal visit to our country last January 24, 2015. Other guests included Ambassador Marciano Paynor Jr., broadcast journalist, Jing Castaneda, and Fr. Francis Lucas, executive secretary of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines - Episcopal Commission on Social Communications and Mass Media.

As a freelance writer, my work has also appeared in the Manila Bulletin, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Cosmopolitan Philippines, Meg Magazine, Metro Society Magazine, Rappler, and

Manila, Philippines
Managing Editor · 
Sept. 2015 to June 2017

I oversaw the production of the broadsheet’s SUPREME section, which comes out every Saturday. Responsibilities included maintaining contributor relationships, securing, curating and organizing content, overseeing the layout and overall workflow, and contributing ideas and feedback to the conceptualization of each issue.