TheCodex - 
San Jose, CA
June 2017 - Current

  • Currently teaching over 200,000 students worldwide how to code 
  • Developed and launched 16 comprehensive programming courses on Python, Swift and more
  • Recorded more than 150 hours of videos · 10,000+ 5-Star Reviews
  • Built a marketing website and Youtube channel with over 13,000 subscribers

Project YX - 
Santa Cruz, CA
April 2018 - August 2018
Software Engineer Intern

  • Researched and developed a log management dashboard utilizing DataDog and AWS
  • Improved ease of content sharing by building an iOS share extension for both client and enterprise app
  • Redesigned chat interface with custom links and photos for better user interaction

Edcast Inc - 
Mountain View, CA
June 2016 - August 2016
Software Engineer Intern

  • Improved efficiency and ease of posting through the iOS app by overhauling and redesigning the post feature
  • Devised a web scraper for metadata parsing of links to expedite the summarization of information
  • Built a dashboard for rapid sending of push notifications that helped improve team performance

WAG Mobile Inc - 
San Jose, CA
May 2013 - March 2015
Software Developer

  • Developed python scripts that parsed data on tutorial sites to compile a database of information
  • Facilitated automation of mundane tasks with Selenium and increased efficiency by 70%
  • Wrote numerous tutorials on a variety of topics and built the Python curriculum from scratch

3rd Place Overall Cal Hacks
November 2018
Regents and Chancellor's Scholarship UC Berkeley

August 2018

2nd Place Fashion Hack CruzHacks

March 2018

Best Microsoft Hack / Most Popular Hack / Top 30 NWHacks

January 2018

Synopsys Science Fair Winner SCVSEFA

March 2016, 2017, 2018

1st Place Overall BaseHacks

April 2017

Best iOS App HSHacks III

March 2017

3rd Place Overall Blue Ocean

March 2017

Top 10 Overall / Best Educational Hack PennApps XV

January 2017

Best Android App SM Hacks

January 2017

University of California, Berkeley
Majoring in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Top <1% of all UC Berkeley students (Regents Scholar)
Expected Graduation: 2021
Proficient: Python, Swift/iOS Development, Objective-C, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, AngularJS, Django, Parse, FireBase, MatPlotLib, BeautifulSoup, Selenium, GitHub, Ionic
Familiar: C# (Unity), Java, C/C++, ReactJS, Flask

*Synopsys Science Fair '18 Winner

  • Developed an Arduino device with 3D-printed octagons to rotate and facilitate the learning of braille characters

  • Engineered a voice-controlled iOS application that serves as the device controller to teach and test braille
  • Programmed a flask server to update the Arduino device and send the proper rotational movements from the iOS app
Talky (NWHacks)

*Won Best Microsoft Hack, Top 30 Overall, Most Popular Vote

  • Built an iOS app that coached public speaking using voice analysis 
  • Communicated with the coach through a chat-like interface that recorded speeches and gave constructive feedback 
  • Integrated flask backend to analyze audio for words per minute, volume, pausing and clarity


*Synopsys Science Fair Winner '17
  • Devised a messaging service for the diagnosis of various medical issues through text and images
  • Implemented a machine learning algorithm for the identification and analysis of images through SVM
  • Engineered a custom natural language processing algorithm for obtaining symptoms through text 

Guru (PennApps XV)

*Won Top 10 Overall, Best Educational Hack, $1000 Grant from 1517

  • Developed iOS App for students to get their questions rapidly answered through a video call
  • Integrated seamless live video technology through Twilio 
  • Implemented a collaborative whiteboard to draw and explain with
PinPoint (SMHacks)

*Won Best Android App 
  • Built an Android app to discover the most efficient route to take while getting groceries in a store
  • Devised a mock bitmap and 2D array of the store layout 
  • Implemented the TSP and A* algorithms to calculate the best route to follow from item to item

*Synopsys Science Fair '16 Winner
  • Engineered iOS application to read out news for the blind
  • Integrated OpenEars/Bluemix for voice control and text-to-speech
  • Implemented Parse as a backend for storing user articles and info