Alexander Plant

Diversified technical problem solver seeking a senior position on a development team using modern tools and techniques

Programming Languages
Other Technical Languages
Technologies and Frameworks
React + Redux
RDBMS (MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL)
Cloud (AWS, Azure)
.NET Core
Linux (RHEL/CentOS/Fedora, Debian/Ubuntu, Gentoo)
Object-Oriented Design Patterns
Functional Programming
Authentication and Authorization
Relational Databases
CompTIA Network+, Security+
Scrum Alliance CSM
AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, Certified Solutions Architect - Associate
University of Maryland, College Park
Sept. 2009 to Dec. 2013
University of Maryland, Global Campus
Mar. 2017 to Current
B.Sc. Computer Science
KBR · Lead DevOps Engineer
May 2018 to Current
I work as a multi-disciplinary specialist in software architecture and deployment, networking, systems administration, and automation. I'm responsible for creating CI/CD pipelines and assisting with modernization efforts involving migration to cloud-native deployment environments. I also conceive front and back-end architectural approaches and work with teams to implement them. I lend my technical experience to business development by writing proposals and representing KBR at trade shows and conferences. The projects I'm involved in center around data lakes for storage and analysis of aircraft maintenance and performance data, content delivery systems, line-of-business web applications, and a training delivery system.
AMEWAS · Developer
June 2017 to May 2018
I was a developer on an eleven-person, bi-coastal scrum team. I worked closely with our customers as the only developer that was geographically colocated with them on a full-time basis. I revised our CI/CD pipeline to enable single-click deployments and for testers to view features that a given deployment comprised. I also overhauled our deployment environments and placed them under a configuration management process; both of these improvements increased our team's velocity. In addition to normal enhancement implementations I also  incrementally replaced EOL'd application components with modern code via custom shims to yield response times that were an order of magnitude quicker.
KBRwyle · Software Engineer
Feb. 2016 to June 2017

The team I worked on was tasked with enabling business units across the company by developing software solutions to streamline their processes. We were also responsible for cross-training and and providing development support for customer-billing teams throughout the company. As part of our corporate acquisition I developed custom data warehouse solutions to integrate HR and financial systems and migrated legacy applications to new deployment environments. I also worked with our finance department to develop an ETL solution for payroll data with a one-week turnaround that compiled end-of-year tax data for thousands of employees. As part of Sarbanes-Oxley compliance efforts I automated Active Directory and Exchange account management and integrated HR data throughout our applications.

Spalding Consulting · Java Developer
Aug. 2015 to Feb. 2016
I worked on a maintenance and logistics web application that served multiple fleet readiness centers nationwide. Much of my time was spent as part of a small team devoted to standardizing development practices, tools and architecture in preparation for an incremental rewrite of the application. This included overhauling our CI pipeline to use AWS EC2 spot instances, modernizing libraries, rectifying ORM issues, and developing artifact management strategies. As a member of the development team proper I worked with our customer to develop visualization solutions for the application's workflow capabilities and fixed bugs throughout the rest of the application.
HTii · Network Engineer
Feb. 2014 to Aug. 2015

I served as the sole IT staff member for a small company. I undertook a year-long plan to overhaul all user machines, network architecture, and policies/procedures in order to improve user experience and security posture in preparation for impending Department of Defense contractor regulations. I achieved 97% of the objectives set as part of this effort which included upgrading user machines with SSDs, implementing a better VPN, consolidating unmaintained file shares and Sharepoint environments, streamlining our backup strategy, and overhauling the corporate web site. I also reduced capital and operational expenditures year-over-year and consolidated our on-premise equipment by 40%. In my spare time I lent my effort to business development, HR policy revision and corporate re-branding.

Wyle · Junior Software Engineer
May 2011 to Dec. 2013

I was part of a team that maintained legacy applications and developed new ones for teams across the company. I acted as primary developer on ASP.NET applications that automated mass e-mail deletion, resume parsing and processing, document search, and HR workflows. I also deployed and maintained static code analysis and CI/CD tools used by directly-billing teams elsewhere in the company.

Help Desk Technician
Nov. 2005 to May 2011

I worked as a help desk technician responsible for all tiers of user support.  Our team was not only tasked with deploying and fixing end-user machines but also maintaining custom government-developed software, data recovery, and server administration. To enable asset delivery I created custom bootable environments for disk imaging, repair, decryption and data recovery which cut our delivery time roughly in half and saved data from dozens of user machines that was previously thought irretrievable.

Music Performance and Audio Engineering

I play guitar, bass, and sing in original and cover bands. I write my own parts and contribute arrangement ideas, motifs, and entire pieces of music to the songwriting process. I've also served as the bandleader responsible for scheduling and musical direction. I setup and modify my instruments and gear and also build my own effects. As a recording engineer I've produced four EPs, an unreleased full-length and many demos. I've also run sound for roughly a hundred live performances in small and medium-sized venues.

Volunteer Webmaster

I helped launch a web presence for The AVA Group, a non-profit dedicated to assisting veterans transitioning to civilian life. I developed a WordPress-based site and assisted the founders with learning the platform and populating content. I also set up and recommended hosting and cloud service providers to fulfill their other needs.