Cesare de Cal
iOS Developer
Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca
B.S. Computer Science 2021

Senior-level iOS Developer with a history of several apps published to the App Store and downloaded thousands of times, attending over 20 hackathons, inspiring students through a TEDx talk and attending the Apple World Wide Developers Conference three times as a Scholarship Recipient. Released 3+ apps on the App Store downloaded 30k+ times.

Freelance iOS Developer
2016 to Current

  • Billed over 500 hours on Upwork to build world-class iOS projects. 
  • Built three complex apps using MVC/MVP architectures, Networking, Core Data, Auto Layout, UI development with .xibs and Storyboards.

Vita – Math Learning App
Feb 2017 to Aug 2017

  • Built and designed simple and engaging educational app, implemented math questions generator.
  • Implemented support for handwriting recognition using Levenshtein distance.
  • 20,000 downloads & top US 100 charts on the App Store in the free education category without paid advertising.
  • Swift, iOS Development, Git, Test Driven Development

KeepInTouch – Business Card Scanner
Aug 2017 to Oct 2017

  • Implemented QR code generator and scanner, profile section, business cards list, company logo selection. 
  • Took project from the idea stage to live product on the App Store.

  • Swift, iOS Development, fastlane, Firebase, SwiftLint, CocoaPods, REST APIs.

Jules Verne – Travel check-ins
Feb 2018 to Current

  • Implemented simple and elegant user, REST API calls & usage of Yelp API. 
  • Implemented data saving offline support with Firebase and
  • Live on the App Store!

Beeply – Translation powdered by ML + AR
Feb 2018 to Current

  • Implemented the Inception neural network to identify any object in front of the camera using Apple ARKit and CoreML.
  • Implemented language translation using Google Cloud Platform Translation API using target language (added support for 50+ languages). 
  • I was able to ship a fully functional and technically challenging product on a tight deadline (36 hours).

Apple · WWDC Scholarship 2018 (selected out of 5000+ applicants)
Jun 2018

  • Awarded a WWDC Scholarship for a third year providing the opportunity to attend Apple sessions and labs in San Jose.

Apple · WWDC Scholarship 2016 (selected out of 5000+ applicants)
Jun 2016

  • Awarded a WWDC Scholarship for a second consecutive year providing the opportunity to attend Apple sessions and labs.

Apple · WWDC Scholarship 2015 (selected out of 3000+ applicants)
Jun 2015

  • In June 2015 I was awarded a WWDC Scholarship by Apple to allow me to attend their annual developers conference in San Francisco.

Google · Best Use of Google Cloud Platform (selected out of 116 apps)
Feb 2018

  • TreeHacks was a 400 person hackathon hosted by the University of Stanford, where we developed an iOS mobile app using CoreML and ARKit. Finalist project at Stanford (out of 116 hacks).

Hackathon Participant · Major League Hacking
Jun 2015 to Current

  • Participated and won in 10+ programming competitions hosted at the University of Stanford, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. 
  • Awarded prizes from companies like Google, Johnson & Johnson and Target.
  • Mentored and provided guidance to beginner/mid-level iOS teams several times.

TEDx Speaker · TEDxYouth@Bologna
Sep 2016 to Current

  • Inspiring audiences with my story and message to create change in their own lives.
  • The talk was viewed by 60,000 people and it is available to watch on YouTube.