Web Technologies: React.js, GraphQL, Apollo, REST, Node.js, Express.js, Websockets, Apache Tomcat, go net/http, webpack, babel
DevOps: Jenkins, CircleCI, Docker, Kubernetes, nginx, Digital Ocean, Bash scripting, Container Orchestration, Google Cloud Builder, Google Kubernetes Engine, Google Container Registry, Google Cloud Storage, Infrastructure as Code
Design Collaboration and Styling: Zeplin, inVision, Whimsical
Integrations and Libraries: Sentry, Stripe, Antd, Material UI, Bootstrap, Storybook
Mobile Technologies: iOS, React Native
Methodologies: Functional Programming, MVC, OOP, Procedural Programming
OS: MacOS, Ubuntu, Windows
Database: Postgres, MongoDB, Google Cloud Datastore, Google Firestore
Version Control: Git, Github, BitBucket, Git Kraken
Management Tools: JIRA, Agile/Scrum, Github Projects, Confluence, Github Issues
Testing: Jest/Enzyme,, Mocha/Chai, Jasmine.js, XCTest/XCUITest, Integration Testing, UI Testing, Unit Testing
Languages: Javascript, Go, Swift, Bash, Python, HTML/CSS, SQL, Typescript
Lighthouse Labs
Immersive Web Development 2017
Carleton University
B.Eng Sustainable and Renewable Energy 2013

Fullstack engineer with 2+ years of experience using a variety of languages and programming styles in fast-paced startup environments. Frontend development lead for several web and mobile products. Practitioner of taking full ownership of the software development cycle including design, development, code reviews, testing,  deployment, monitoring, and maintenance. 

Toronto, ON
Software Engineer
2018 to Current

My main responsibilities are the health and feature development on the frontend side, with some contributions to the infrastructure and backend.
- Submit and review multiple pull requests a day, mostly for React.js codebase.

- Frequent refactoring and reorganization of code as business requirements changed and complexity increased.

- Implemented and maintained tooling to aid in quality assurance and developer experience.

- Created and maintain CI pipeline with google cloud build, mocha, and

- API integrations with third parties and open source projects including, Stripe, Material-UI, and web payment APIs.
- Develop and debug features in Go based gRPC web server, including Stripe integrations, creating new REST endpoints and writing integration tests.
- Deploying and tooling Google Cloud Platform products including Storage,  Cloud Builder, Cloud functions, Container Registry, and Kubernetes Engine.
- Writing technical documentation and creating working demos for prospective developers looking to join our platform.

eHealth Innovation @ Univeristy Health Network
Toronto, ON
Software Developer
2017 to 2018

Frontend lead for an arthritis research platform following an agile workflow with designers and product managers. Some of my major contributions to this project include:

- Architecting front end web clients using React.js interfacing with a Java Spring Boot web server.

- Ensured code quality by implementing unit and E2E testing using Jest, Enzyme, and
- Automated the CI/CD pipeline in Jenkins for automated building, testing, and deploying following a strict ISO process

- Daily code reviews and pull requests

Secret Mission Software Inc.
Toronto, ON
Software Engineer
2017 to 2017

Created an iPad application with 90 % code coverage unit and UI tests (see iOS Application for Mining Compliance Company in projects). Contributed major features to a React.js web application for a web security startup.

React Codenames
July 2017 to Current

A modern take on one of my favourite party boardgames, Codenames. React/Apollo for the front end and GraphQL/Express for the backend.

Sept. 2018 to Current

React native application deployed on the app store that helps you find free pizza or beer!

Ari - Hacking Health Arthritis Hackathon
Nov. 2017

Demo of Ari, a voice assisted prototype made for an arthritis hackathon. My team won the people choice award for our voice assistant + chrome extension + progressive web app social platform. We were able to rapidly build out this prototype using DialogFlow, Firebase, vue.js and Google Cloud Functions. The project can be viewed here:

React client for an International Arthritis Research Genomics Program
Sept. 2017 to Aug. 2018

Lead frontend developer, managed architecture, deployment pipeline, testing and interfacing with design / backend devs.

iOS Application for Mining Compliance Company
July 2017 to Aug. 2017

Designed, developed and tested an iOS application that collected field safety data for mining sites and provided reporting to executives. Communicated with a Express/MongoDB backend.

Penny Fitness
Mar. 2019 to Current

Firebase/GCP web app integrating with Google API's to collect fitness data and charge users a small fee for missing their daily step goals. Heavy use of Cloud Functions, Google APIs, OAuth2.0, OpenID Connect, and Firebase Firestore.