Web Technologies and frameworks: React.js, GraphQL, REST, Node.js, koa.js, webpack 5, Svelte, Flutter, React Native, web workers
Cloud: AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Docker, Kubernetes, Hasura, Digital Ocean, heroku
Integrations and Libraries: Sentry, Stripe, Rollbar, Material UI, Circle CI, Github Actions
Mobile Technologies: Flutter, React Native
Testing: Jest,, React Testing Library, Testing Trophy
Languages: Javascript, Go, Swift, Bash, Python, HTML/CSS, SQL, Typescript
Lighthouse Labs
Immersive Web Development 2017
Carleton University
B.Eng Sustainable and Renewable Energy 2013
Software Engineer
Nov. 2020 to Current, Nov. 2020 to Current

Qlik is a data analytics platform used by thousands of large companies world wide and is in the middle of making a transition to cloud.

- Mentored developers new and old on how to write better code, leverage typescript to maximize its bug catching abilities and shifting the testing mindset away from the testing pyramid to the testing trophy

- Created a preview build github action workflow, allowing developers to create builds of their feature branches with a single github comment and enabling testers and designers to get access to builds in minutes instead of hours

- Gave presentations to frontend developer guide on how to speed up CI by test splitting and how to set up error monitoring

- Make frequent org wide code contributions to the shared component library and micro frontend orchestration layer

- Act as the main onboarding buddy for my team to get new members off to a running start

- Drive conversations on improving distributed tracing and improving release quality by doing phase rollouts

- Improve scalability and performance of product by refactoring code to shift away from a prefetching data to incremental lazy loading and optimizing bundle sizes

Software Engineer
Mar. 2020 to Nov. 2020

Bresotec is a medical startup creating at home sleep study devices.
- Optimized a janky app that could not handle more than a few hundred data points without slowing down to processing hundreds of thousands data point with sub second processing times. This was achieved with a mix of better data models, improved algorithms for processing data, and using web workers to handle high compute processes
- Developed the frontend client for the GUI used by operators of the medical device which interfaced with a python server

- Wrote ansible scripts to automated provisioning of new hardware and synchronizing updates across multiple git repositories

Toronto, ON
Software Engineer
2018 to Mar. 2020

Quid works was a fin tech start up specializing in micro payments via fiat currency.
- Frequent refactoring and reorganization of code as business requirements changed and complexity increased.

- Implemented and maintained tooling to aid in quality assurance and developer experience.

- Writing technical documentation and creating working demos for prospective developers looking to join our platform.

- Created and maintain CI pipeline with google cloud build, mocha, and

- Develop and debug features in Go based gRPC web server, including Stripe integrations, creating new REST endpoints and writing integration tests.

Side Hustles · - Technical Cofounder
Feb. 2021 to Nov. 2021

Co founded, a price aggregation and comparison app for Canadian cannabis products. My main contributions were solving difficult backend/frontend problems, configuring the cloud infrastructure and setting up infrastructure as code so all deployments happened automatically with code pushes to specific branches