Jesse Krim
Software Developer

I am a full stack javascript mobile and web developer passionate about working in startups and studying successful technology companies. My goal is to work within a team of experienced and driven engineers building highly scalable applications. I have spent the past three years expanding my skill set and value within tech companies by learning full stack web and mobile development, including React, React Native, Redux, Node, TypeScript, SQL, and NoSQL languages. Please visit for more.

Syracuse University · 
2013 - 2017
BS Information Management and Technology
Minor: Entrepreneurship
Study Abroad: Tel Aviv University, Israel (Entrepreneurship Program)
Epic React (course by Kent C. Dodds) · 
July 2021
A deep dive into React: Fundamental and advanced Hook patterns, performance, suspense, e2e testing, and building a web app from scratch with APIs.
Hack Reactor · 
800 hours over 3 months learning JavaScript methodologies, frameworks and libraries for full stack software development
Product Management (course by ELVTR) · 
Aug. 2021
Taught by a PM for Speech products at Google. I built a deck for a product of my choice. The course has helped establish and strengthen my PM skills using research and analysis frameworks.
Crew Me UpLead Software Engineer
NYC (Remote)
July 2020 - Current

• Lead three developers handling end-to-end software development life cycle through multiple app-store launches

• Write backend Node API functions and build new features for front end users

• Assist in designing and developing v2 of the app including the creation of mockups and navigation flows

• Facilitate user experience through app navigation optimization and update UI design

• Design and delegate frontend and backend tasks using Trello and JIRA

Technologies used: React Native, Typescript, Node, Expo, Firebase

GestureFront-End Mobile Developer
Mar. 2020 - July 2020

• Build and deploy Gesture's Logistics App in React Native to track live orders and gift runners, increasing efficiency within the organization

• Develop sort, filter, and search algorithms from Google Cloud Platform APIs

• Implement secure Authorization through Firebase

• Create an order checkout page on Gesture's website through Corvid by Wix.

• Technologies used: JS, React Native, Node.js, Redux, Expo, REST APIs (Google Cloud Functions), Firebase (Realtime database and Authentication), JSON

Ribbon Labs IncOperations, Fundraising, & Marketing
San Francisco
June 2016 - Feb. 2020

• Communicate with the CEO to QA 80+ application builds and log 1000+ bugs into JIRA

• Raised $180,000 for Series A

• Design new concepts for features, contribute to dozens of iOS store launch processes

• Manage documentation for product designs and developers for future app sprints

Gesture Logistics App
Mar. 2020

This app receives live order data and live Gift Runner data from a Firebase database and is displayed after authenticating through Firebase and an auth API. Data is sorted and can be filtered by city. A search bar at the top allows users to find data more efficiently.

Favorite Movies (full stack) Web App
Oct. 2019

GITHUB | Fetched data from an API, server-side rendered it using an Express server to a React.js front end and created persistent data storage for a "favorite movies" web app with MongoDB and SQL.

Relationship App
Apr. 2020

GITHUB | I built my wife an app in React Native for her birthday that has a virtual card and a "random memory generator" displaying images and text in an "Instagram-like design". Distributed through Testflight.

Great Locations (iOS App)
Jan. 2019

GITHUB | This React Native app allows users to save and take a photo of their favorite locations utilizing native device features such as Camera, Maps, SQLite, File Storage.

Shopping (Android App)
Dec. 2019

GITHUB | Full stack React Native shopping app allows users to add new products into a firebase database. Users can add products to their cart, and submit orders. Includes login authentication, database work, react-navigation, and redux. 

Meals and Recipes (iOS App)
Nov. 2019

GITHUB | This React Native app allows users to select categories for meals, choose a meal, and learn how to prepare it. This app utilizes react-navigation, and redux to manage state of favorites and filters for meals!

Languages & Frameworks: Javascript, TypeScript, React Native, React.js, Redux, Node.js, Express.js, Gatsby.js, SQL, No-SQL, Git, Webpack, CSS3, Babel, npm
Tools & Technologies: Github, Firebase, REST APIs, JIRA, App Store Connect, Google Play, InVision, Web Apps, Mobile Apps, Balsamiq, Lucid Chart, MVC
Hobbies & Passions: Business, Innovation, Technology, Sales, Self-Development, Golf, Skiing, Cars, Scuba Diving, Hebrew, Music & Drumset, Sustainability