City University of New York-Hunter College
Master of Arts English Literature 2011
Long Island University
C.W. Post English Literature, Public Relations 2008
Ann TaylorEditorial Director
New York, NY
Feb. 2019 - Current

  • Directs and hones omni copy strategy and establishes editorial pillars for social media, digital marketing, in-store marketing, and more
  • Writes social copy & collaborates with social team on strategy and planning; 14% engagement increase from February 2019

  • Manages and mentors a team of copy and editorial writers
  • Ensures timely delivery of content

  • Creates and reports on email marketing, including content, subject lines, promotions, and more; User list of nearly 5 million subscribers
  • Optimizes content and strategy based on metrics; helps determine distribution and amplification across paid channels

  • Aids in creating captivating editorial looks and stories for every store set for our customers
  • Interfaces with brand marketing and other cross-functional teams to ensure brand's tone is being met and meets the highest editorial standards
  • Develops overall copy strategy for Infinite Style, Ann Taylor's new subscription service

UNIQLOEditorial + Copy Manager
New York, NY
Dec. 2016 - Feb. 2019

  • Lead execution of global and Western editorial calendar planning and updates 4-5 blog posts per week; PV increase of 500% since May 2017; Named by NYU Stern and L2 as a premium example of commercial blog that seamlessly blends influencers and content 
  • Managed influencers and UNIQLO ambassadors (Adam Scott, Roger Federer) to generate captivating, progressive content for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and blog, including images and videos
  • Directed copy strategy for e-commerce  website, promotions, and launches
  • Planned ad-hoc editorial photo shoots in collaboration with the social media team
  • Supervised the copy and editorial staff
  • Ensured brand voice and tone are maintained across all initiatives and platforms both online and in stores, providing direction to the social and creative team
  • Measured and reported on web traffic, email open rates/views, etc.
  • Edited and optimized (SEO) all e-commerce sku copy for PDPs
  • Created all email content, up to 15 emails per week, for user list of 4.7 million subscribers
  • Managed UNIQLO app push notifications to customers; most successful week TD $222k in added revenue — 3.2% of sales
  • Developed in-store signage and product packaging copy
  • Consulted with Japanese team to craft English language features

Refinery29 / BustleTV & Pop Culture Writer
Jan. 2015 - Current

  • Analyzes and reviews television shows old and new for pop culture commentary
  • Conducts celebrity interviews
  • Researches and writes long-form pieces on television as a cultural touchstone

FreelanceWriter & Content Creator
New York, NY
Jan. 2013 - Dec. 2017

Produced creative content, branded media, product copy, and social media creative for a variety of diverse industry clients; consistently met tight deadlines while delivering top-quality materials.

Past clients:

  • Television writer,

  • Contributing writer, The Kitchn
  • Food critic, Time Out New York
  • Blogger, HomeGoods
  • Product copywriter, WestPoint Home
  • Product copywriter, Birchbox
  • Book reviewer, Kirkus Media
  • Television writer, Zimbio

Social Media Consultant
New York, NY
May 2016 - Dec. 2017

Developed brand voices, strategy, and editorial social campaigns across all channels for brands; collected and analyzed data for campaigns; worked with influencers to create beneficial partnerships.

Past clients:

  • Solo Rugs
  • One Kings Lane

kbsSocial Media Editor
New York, NY
July 2015 - June 2016
  • Planned and produced social editorial calendars for clients including HomeGoods, BMW, and Goldman Sachs
  • Ideated assets, blogs, and other multimedia for client social accounts
One Kings LaneCopywriter
New York, NY
Apr. 2013 - Aug. 2014

  • Crafted product copy in line with brand voice, product details, and more

Content Writer, Editorial
New York, NY
Aug. 2014 - July 2015
  • Brainstormed and produced editorial content including blog posts, interviews, features, and more
  • Collaborated with editorial and merchandising teams to ensure a cohesive vision on site
New York's Next Food & Drink CriticTime Out New York
Oct. 2015

  • Chosen out of 300 applicants in a food writing competition in which participants were challenged to dine at and write a review of a restaurant of Time Out's choice in only 24 hours. Prize of ongoing food reviews.