Imoh Benson

Avant-garde,  Experience Designer & Coder. Highly passionate about blending technology and arts to creatively and efficiently solve problems.

African Women in Leadership Organisation
AWLO International Headquarters, Lagos - Nigeria
Chief Technology Officer
Mar. 2017 to Current

  • improved the load time of websites, the speed of email delivery and other resources by setting up cloud-based VPS and custom mail servers - a departure from the shared hosting used before.
  • built the organisation's restful APIs.
  • introduced and implemented Continuous Development/Integration/Deployment to the organisation's software culture by setting up the organisation's Git account, repositories and CI/CD pipelines.
  • reduced communication delays by over 300% by implementing transactional emails and automated marketing emails.
  • introduced and implemented electronic payments/donations/conference management.
  • increased the quality of the technology workforce by introducing and managing the technology internship/mentoring program of the organisation.

My responsibilities move along all levels of the organisation. I am responsible for:

  • working with the President and other executives to develop a technical strategy for the company; this involves goal-setting, discussing options and analyzing risks.
  • aiding recruitment and retention efforts, streamlining operations and advocating for innovative ideas and individuals on the team.
  • keeping up on competitive technology trends, both in the market and among partners.
  • keeping an eye for new technological developments that can help the organisation improve efficiency and stakeholders satisfaction.
  • working with the marketing team to develop strategies and plan community-related efforts.
  • building confidence in the company's vision by using technology to drive transparency.

Lagos, Nigeria
Creative Director
Nov. 2015 to Mar. 2017

  • increased operational efficiency by 32% by implementing automated scheduling of programming content.
  • started online radio live streaming.
  • led the organisation's efforts to move to a Visual Effects (VFX) powered WebTV.

Hope Behind Bars Africa API
Apr. 2020 to Current

A robust and fully functional restful API for Hope Behind Bars Africa Initiative.

Technologies Used:

Node.js, Express.js, and TypeScript.

Drug Bot
Mar. 2020 to Mar. 2020

A bot that reminds you to take your medication/drugs by sending friendly and customised reminder messages via SMS.

Technologies used:

Node.js, Notifications: Nodemailer(emails), SMS API (sms), cron (reminders).

African Women in Leadership Conference Invite App
Feb. 2019 to Feb. 2019

A web app that enables you to invite your friends for a conference by sending a pre-written and customised SMS to them with your name as the sender ID and their names in the salutation.

Technologies used:

Front-end - HTML, CSS (Bootstrap), Javascript; Backend: vanilla PHP,  BulkSMS API

Link here:

Jan. 2019 to Feb. 2019

An app for Hope Behind Bars Africa to help indigent prison inmates find legal representation by connecting them with pro bono lawyers.

Technologies used: 

Front-end - HTML, CSS (Bootstrap), Javascript; Backend: vanilla PHP, MySQL (Database), Notifications: SMS API, PHP Mailer, Mailing List: (Mailgun API)

Link here:

Pluralsight · HTML5 Expert
May 2019
Pluralsight · CSS Professional
May 2019
Pluralsight · Javascript Professional
May 2019
Udacity · Mobile Web Specialist
May 2018
Hope Behind Bars Africa Initiative · Volunteer Solutions Architect & CTO
Dec. 2018 to Current
Abuja, Nigeria
United Nations Volunteers · Volunteer
Jan. 2019 to Current
Google Local Guides · Local Guides
May 2015 to Current

Responsible for adding new and missing places and roads on the Google Map.

United Nations Women/AWLO HeForShe · Volunteer Technical Director
Dec. 2017 to Current
Lagos, Nigeria

  • conceptualised, designed and implemented the database for the AWLO HeForShe commitment capture. 
  • put together the Content Management System based website to carry forums, resources and many more features to help promote and scale the campaign in the region of Africa.

University of the People, California
Sept. 2018 to Current
B.Sc Computer Science 2022
University of Uyo, Nigeria
Computer Engineering
Saint Mary's Senior Science College, Ediene-Abak
High School Diploma 2007
Project Management
Team Building
Business Development
Design Thinking
Industry Knowledge
Experience Design
Website Development
Back-end Development
Front-end Development
Command Line
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint
JavaScript (Proficient)
PHP (prior-experience)
Python (familiar)
HTML (Expert)
CSS (Proficient)
TypeScript (proficient)
Type ORM