Max Matthews
Full Stack Developer, Hacker, & Mentor
(609) 513-7970
Technical Experience Node.js, React, React Native, Slack, MySQL, Google Cloud Platform, Jetbrains Webstorm, Git, Bash, Meteor, Mongo, Jira
Previous Experience Python, PHP, Wordpress, Docker, Nginx, PostgresSQL
Feb. 2021 to Current

  • Hired and oversaw two teams of software engineers collaborating across multiple disciplines and projects
  • Directed project management, roadmap, and overall technical strategic plan
  • Reduced technical debt while maintaining an active authoring presence in our codebase
  • Architected and engineered integrations and custom solutions for clients

Lead Developer
Aug. 2015 to Feb. 2021

  • Responsible for developing custom API & CMS utilizing conditional content for multi channel communications including chatbots
  • Building and maintaining several React, React Native, and NodeJS/Express full stack apps deployed using Google Cloud Platform App Engine
  • Migrated from an in-person to fully remote startup company by architecting & implementing communication and productivity tools

HackUpstate - Careers In Code
Lead Instructor & Dean of Students
Feb. 2022 to Current

  • Developing and teaching to curriculum to underserved individuals looking to jump start their careers in software development
  • Mentoring students through not only technical skills instruction, but real world experience
  • Fostering an environment for rapid feedback loops implenting continuous improvement

Feb. 2019 to 2022

  • Instructing women & minority students at a 6 month bootcamp in full stack javascript
  • Meeting with students for 1:1 mentoring
  • Developing an ever evolving curriculum 

2011 to 2017

  • Built custom apps and hardware solutions for clients with PHP, Wordpress, MySQL, Bootstrap, and Meteor
  • Projects include Mailroom (2013-2014), Attendance Ninja (2013-2015), ManageShifts (2014-2017), BXLP Checkin App (2016-2017), HabitU (2017-2018)

StartFast Code
2016 to 2017

  • Taught students full stack development through bootcamp reverse classroom technique using FreeCodeCamp curriculum

Student Centers & Programming Services
Student Lead Supervisor - Event and Technical Services
2012 to 2015

  • Two time award winning student lead supervisor (2013-2015)
  • Promotions for mastery of lighting design, live sound mixing, venue and staff management

StartFast Venture Accelerator
Summer Internship
2014 to 2014

  • Provided consulting and programming services to six startup companies

Summer Internship
2013 to 2013

  • Developed advertising software used to generate millions in revenue utilizing Grails, Oracle SQL, ExtJS, Logstash, and Git

Syracuse University
2012 to 2015
Information Management & Technology School of Information Studies
Major GPA: 3.82. Minor in Information Technology, Design & Startups. Degree not yet awarded.
Atlantic Cape Community College
2009 to 2012
Pursued college courses while in high school. Relevant courses include Oracle Programming & SQL, Oracle Database & Design, and iPhone Programming.