Back-end: Ruby, Rails, PostgreSQL, RSpec
Front-end: JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, JS libraries, HTML, CSS, Sass, Jekyll, Bootstrap, Materialize, Grunt
Else: Heroku, git & Github, bash/shell, Docker, Atom, Vim
Dev Bootcamp
Full Stack Web Development 2016
Immersive 19-week full stack web-development bootcamp teaching Rails-based development.
Queen Mary, University of London
MA Renaissance and Early Modern Studies 2013
Immersive research, mastery in specialist sphere, publication-level writing, original thesis.
Stony Brook University
BA English 2011
Calculus, Psychology, 3.6 GPA.
Open Source Contr.

Use a recursive algorithm and HTTP calls to pull in all comments from a passed Reddit URL and return as array of hashes.


Oauth engine/plugin gem, authenticating users through Dribbble, with no dependencies.

Jekyll site aggregating web development resources for students new to programming.


A seed application for starting a new Jekyll site, including project structure and asset management with Grunt.

Curious, focused, organized, happy. Full stack developer always building towards the highest standards for beautiful, supportable, compassionate, user-driven websites.  If you need self-starters who don't need hand-holding, who are coachable, driven, and thrive on ownership and initiative, you're speaking my language and I'd like to learn yours. 

Web Developer | The Bacon
Oct 2016 to Current

  • Manage most development projects for a variety of endpoints. Lead all front-end development projects. Involved in every aspect of the stack, every major project, bug fixes, and feature requests. Source and interview technical team members. No project too large, too small, too old, or too new.

  • In this 8-member startup, work closely with all team members to identify issues, features, and updates. Participate in and often drive initiatives for site improvements and projects. 

  • 1000+ commits, 6M+ lines of code added (and 5M+ removed!) since coming on board. Built our Jekyll blog. Pitched and led a schema redesign project scoped at 400+ files. 

  • Technology: Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, jQuery/AJAX and additional JS libraries + plugins, HTML/HAML, CSS/SCSS, Jekyll, git & Github. 

Instructor and Mentor
Sep 2016 to Current
  • Dev Bootcamp: Run breakout sessions on topics like building Ruby gems and RESTful routes. Conduct code reviews and give technical guidance.     Sept 2016 - present

  • Codecademy:  During the 3-month Ready program, created video seminars on setting up a development environment, working with git and CSS, and other web development topics. Conducted code reviews and gave technical guidance.    Oct 2016 - Jan 2017
  • Wix NYC: Built a complete custom course and course website teaching JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and web programming fundamentals. Delivered to the entire NYC Wix team.    Mar 2017 - May 2017
  • Technologies taught: Ruby, Rails, Sinatra, ActiveRecord, SQL, bash/shell/CLI, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, React, HTML, CSS, SASS, git & Github, programming fundamentals, algorithms and data structures, OOP design, principles and conventions, building and consuming APIs, debugging tools and methodologies.

Software Development Contractor | MarryMapp
Jul 2016 to Sep 2016
  • Worked on beta product redesign, collaborating closely with CEO and senior developers.

  • Built solutions for issues involving front-end user interface, back-end API, and database. Added pages, fix logic, expand models, added and augmented HTML & CSS, redesigned URLs and params, debuged and fixed errors, updated documentation, integrated outside libraries, added UI features.
  • Technology: Angular.js 1.x, JavaScript ES6, Coffeescript, HTML, CSS, SASS, Node.js, Postgresql, Docker, Wordpress, Vim, Bitbucket, Asana

Community Involvement

  • AngelHack NYC: Won "Best Use of Haven OnDemand's API" with team  ·  Jun 2016

Speaker, Instructor, and Panelist

  • RubyRemoteConf speaker, "Enter By Bootcamp"   · Jun 2016
  • Rails Camp at the United Nations in NYC speaker, "Avoiding N+1 Errors"  ·  Jul 2016
  • WindyCityRails in Chicago speaker, "Enter By Bootcamp"  ·  Sept 2016
  • Women Who Code Meetup in NYC, teacher and speaker at multiple events  ·  2016 - 2017
  • Dev Bootcamp event organizer, panelist, speaker, and instructor at multiple events  ·  2016 - 2017
  • NYC.rb Meetup speaker, "Avoiding N+1 Errors with Rails"  ·  Oct 2016
  • NYU Startup Week Hack Days at DropBox in NYC speaker, "Introduction to Ruby and Rails"  ·  Nov 2016