Back-end: Ruby, Rails, PostgreSQL, RSpec
Front-end: JavaScript, jQuery & JS libraries, HTML, CSS, Sass, Jekyll, Bootstrap & frameworks, Grunt
Else: Heroku, git & Github, bash/CLI, Docker
Dev Bootcamp
Full Stack Web Development 2016
Immersive 19-week full stack web-development bootcamp teaching Rails-based development.
Queen Mary, University of London
MA Renaissance and Early Modern Studies 2013
Immersive research, mastery in specialist sphere, publication-level writing, original thesis.
Stony Brook University
BA English 2011
Calculus, Psychology, 3.6 GPA.
Open Source Contr.

Use a recursive algorithm and HTTP calls to pull in all comments from a passed Reddit URL and return as array of hashes.


Oauth engine/plugin gem, authenticating users through Dribbble, with no dependencies.

Jekyll site aggregating web development resources for students new to programming.


A seed application for starting a new Jekyll site, including project structure and asset management with Grunt.

Curious, focused, organized, happy. Full-stack developer building maintainable, compassionate, user-driven applications.  If you need self-starters who don't need hand-holding, who are coachable, take initiative, and thrive on ownership, you're speaking my language and I'd like to learn yours. 

Engineering Team Lead | The Bacon
Aug 2017 to Current

  • Support and manage a fully remote developer team. Plan and manage sprints, sprint planning meetings and standups, support junior developers, manage code reviews and releases of pull requests, including all front-end pull requests. Source and interview team members. Continue to write code as an individual contributor.
  • Manage project efforts across business needs, developers, and QA to flow projects from conception to completion.

Web Developer | The Bacon
Oct 2016 to Current

  • Lead on front-end projects. Involved in every aspect of the stack, manage and deliver projects, hunt bugs, meet feature requests. In this 11-member startup, work closely with all members to identify issues, features, and updates. No project too large, too small, too old, or too new.

  • 1000+ commits, 6M+ lines of code committed (5M+ removed!). Built our custom Jekyll blog. Pitched and led a schema redesign project scoped at 400+ files. 

  • Technology: Rails, JavaScript, HTML/HAML, CSS/SCSS, Jekyll, git & Github. 

Software Engineer Contractor | FundRx
Aug 2017 to Sep 2017, Aug 2017 to Sep 2017

  • Work closely with team members to meet bug and feature requests. Rebuilt several processes for internal and external users.
  • Technology: Rails, RSpec, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, HTML/Slim, CSS/Sass, git & Github

Instructor and Mentor
Sep 2016 to Nov 2017
  • Dev Bootcamp: Ran seminars, provided technical mentorship.     Sept '16 - Nov '17

  • Codecademy Ready: Remotely ran seminars, provided technical mentorship.    Oct '16 - Jan '17
  • Wix NYC: Built website and custom course teaching JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and fundamentals, delivered course to the NYC Wix team.    Mar  - May '17 
  • Technologies taught: Ruby, Rails, SQL, bash/CLI, JavaScript & JS libraries, React, HTML, CSS & Sass, git & Github, algorithms and data structures, OOP design, building and consuming APIs, debugging tools and methodologies.

Software Development Contractor | MarryMapp
Jul 2016 to Sep 2016
  • Worked on beta product with CEO and senior developers. Tickets touched the UI, API, and database. Met bug and feature requests, wrote documentation, integrated libraries.

  • Technology: Angular.js 1.x, JavaScript ES6, HTML, CSS & SASS, Node.js, PostgreSQL, Docker

Community Involvement

  • AngelHack NYC: Won "Best Use of Haven OnDemand's API" with team  ·  Jun 2016

Speaker, Instructor, and Panelist

  • RubyRemoteConf speaker, "Enter By Bootcamp"   · Jun 2016
  • Rails Camp at the United Nations in NYC speaker, "Avoiding N+1 Errors"  ·  Jul 2016
  • WindyCityRails in Chicago speaker, "Enter By Bootcamp"  ·  Sept 2016
  • Women Who Code Meetup in NYC, teacher and speaker at multiple events  ·  2016 - 2017
  • Dev Bootcamp event organizer, panelist, speaker, and instructor at multiple events  ·  2016 - 2017
  • NYC.rb Meetup speaker, "Avoiding N+1 Errors with Rails"  ·  Oct 2016
  • NYU Startup Week at DropBox in NYC speaker, "Introduction to Ruby and Rails"  ·  Nov 2016
  • Girl Develop It panelist, "A Day in the Life of an Engineer" · Oct 2017